Monday, 23 April 2018

How to do a Family weekend in London on a budget

Visiting London can be difficult if you want to do it with the whole family and on a tight budget. There are places where you can easily spend 10 pounds without getting much change back. All these costs naturally will add up to quite a big sum, which eventually can hurt your holiday family budget. And this is just a short family weekend away. Here’s some money saving tips that can help you to plan a Family weekend in London without hurting your wallet too much.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Ways To Cope With Mental Health Without Medication

As many of you all know, I suffer from mental health problems but I choose to be unmedicated with it. I feel that you cannot learn to live with a potentially lifelong illness if you are doped up with medication all the time. Mental health is still such a taboo subject to talk about and its often difficult to find the courage to ask for help, but you are by no means a failure if you do need help. Asking for help in times of needs is often a sign of strength and you will find that you are more courageous than you give yourself credit for.

Although I suffer from cyclothymia (a mild form of bipolar)and anxiety, mental health problems come in all shapes and sizes, if you have a few of these symptoms, then following some tips in this blog post can help you get back to feeling better.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Tips On Getting A Good Night Sleep

I find it incredibly hard to sleep sometimes, this means that the next day I am grouchy and tired. Lack of sleep isn't just uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous because your brain isn't working at its full capacity due to you being tired. Lack of sleep can be caused by many problems from worrying about things that you can't sort out in the middle of the night to having an uncomfortable mattress. So I have gathered some tips to help you get a good night sleep and feel so much more refreshed in the morning.

Friday, 6 April 2018

How Easy Is It To Treat Yourself Using An Online Pharmacy?

Recently I had a mental health check-up at the surgery. I also had the normal checks done, like blood pressure, weight, alcohol checks etc and asked to book some blood tests for cholesterol and anaemia. I actually hadn't been to the doctors for about 18 months because I like to treat myself rather than waste the NHS resources for a cold or sickness bug. But not wanting to go to the doctors is also not a good thing, because quite often there are times that we need to see a doctor but we are quite embarrassed with the changes we have during middle age. Urgh! Middle age - however, did I get there?

Saturday, 31 March 2018

4 Tips for Getting your Garden Summer-Ready

Spring has proved a changeable season this year but when the Beast from the East final retreats, you will want to get your garden ship-shape ready for summer. How can you do that? Winter is tough on the garden. The howling winds, sub-zero temperatures, frost, snow and incessant rain seem to drain everything of colour and goodness. Spring has proved challenging this year, with two cold snaps biting at the spring bulbs as they push their fledgeling leaves above the soil-line.

As soon as the frosts pass, and the snow clears, you need to spend some time helping the garden to recuperate. And you will be thanked when summer comes, with lush green shrubs and pretty, colourful blooms.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Get In Shape For The Summer

I know it doesn't seem like the summer is going to be in a couple of months because we have been stuck in an eternal winter for about 2 years, but it really is upon us and we need to start thinking about being in the sun and showing off our body. It's a good time now to start to think about ways to get better skin, here in this blog post, we have some tips on how to get a healthier look to your skin and in turn, this makes your body healthier too.

Get enough sleep, if you don't get your full quota of sleep then you not only feel tired the next day but it shows on your skin too. it is when you're asleep that your body repairs itself, so getting 7 or 8 hours sleep is important.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Making A Memory Jar With Gel-A-Peel

Does your little one like to keep all of their little precious things in a jar or memory box? Tilly always keeps random things that she finds on days out. Often I find them in an old biscuit tin or box, but we thought it would be nice to make her a little keepsake jar to put some bits in. We were sent a set of Gel-A-Peels and some decorations to help us make our jars. This coincided with a weekend in a caravan at a holiday park, so it gave her something to do whilst she was away and its a perfect rainy day project. The set comes with the Gel-A-Peel colours (these vary with whichever set that you choose to get), Tips, Stencils, a tray and parts to make jewellery. So you can make so many different things with a set.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Superdrug Gym Bag Review

As part of my Superdrug Blog Squad parcel that I was sent from Superdrug, this month was a gym wash bag. So what makes it different from a normal wash bag? This is available very soon on the Superdrug website, but here is a sneaky preview of what is to come.

The gym bag is huge! It's about twice the size of the normal kind of wash bag so not only can you fit your washing things in there like shampoo and shower gel, but you can also pop your wet swimming costume in there because it is plastic and won't soak through.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How To Smash Affiliate Marketing With Emma Drew

Have you ever thought about affiliate marketing but don't understand it? Do you know how easy it can be to make money from affiliate marketing? You don't even need to have a blog, maybe you have a great working social media page or channel! Affiliate marketing is where you share a link to a product and then you add a little code in there to lead back to your affiliate code and you can make money from that link if someone makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is something that actually terrified me since it was first mentioned to me, I didn't wholly understand how it all worked and therefore it scared me. Even the fantastic people from Affilinet invited me to a session with them to try to help me understand but to no avail. I kind of put it on the backburner until I was offered a course from the lovely EmmaDrew.Info.

Looking After Your Face With B. Wipes And Superdrug Face Masks

How do you clean your face? Do you just use a wipe or do you use a face mask to get the gunk out too? As part of being on Superdrugs Blog Squad, I was sent a packet of B. wipes and a face mask.

I am normally a face wipe snob and I love Nip Fab wipes, but they are only cleansing wipes and don't remove your make up. The B. sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes are suitable for sensitive skin, which is perfect for me and they are also hypoallergenic. these wipes not only cleanse your face but also remove waterproof make up. They have a PH balanced formula to help to keep your skin in the soft condition that you deserve and witch hazel and vitamin e that is soothing to your skin.

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