Monday, 1 June 2020

Maybelline Bundle Worth £135 to be won

How are you coming out of lockdown? Have you cut your own hair? Coloured it with the dreaded box dye, instead of going to the salon? Have you missed popping to the shop to buy your favourite cosmetics? Cosmetics make us, who we are. They help us to put on a face when we don't want to go out into the world. It gives us confidence and I have seen how it has helped people cope throughout lockdown. How do you fancy a chance to win a Maybelline bundle?

I have got together with a group of fantastic bloggers to bring you a competition today. We all know money is tight for some people, after being made redundant or furloughed. So we wanted to help by bringing you a full selection of cosmetics from Maybelline. This bundle is worth £135 and contains a range of products from mascara to lipstick.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home



With more and more people desiring a warmer natural feel to their home surroundings, it is only a natural choice that vinyl flooring is the option with the most benefits on variety, cost, installation and low maintenance.

A popular choice is for the look and feel of wooden flooring but without the hassle of the real thing. Vinyl offers a full replication of a wooden floor with a guarantee of security over the real thing.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Protecting Your Family For The Future

Protecting Your Family

Have you thought about life insurance? Who will look after your family if the worst happens to you and you're no longer there to support them financially?  There are so many reasons why you should look at getting some life insurance to secure the financial future for your family.

Many of us struggle to put money away, because as soon as we have a lump sum saved up - we spend it. But by taking out life insurance, you pay in every month and you're not able to access it to spend it.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Make the most of your time – make a photo book

Make the most of your time – make a photo book

When you love travelling and seeing new places and people, you’re likely to take some souvenirs back home with you. For some that means keychains, others collect postcards, and a few people pick up t-shirts or other pieces of clothing on their trips as a reminder. But there isn’t one person that returns home without a large collection of photos. We really have our mobile phones and fantastic new camera models to thank for that. We can take more and better photos wherever we go nowadays. The thing is that while those photos are beautiful and great reminders of special times, on our phones, computers, and other data storage devices they just can’t show their full potential. Especially in times like these, when we’re looking for something good to do with the increased time we spend at home, we can give those photos a chance to really shine. All we need is a good project such as a travel photo book. But how do you get started and how do you make sure your photo book is a success? Let’s have a look.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

The Things I learned In Lockdown

We are going through a really strange time in our life, something is happening that has never happened before. We are history in the making and it is a different experience for everyone. Staying in is the new best thing! So I took a look at what I have started to notice in lock down in the UK. Luckily I am in lockdon with Tilly and Kim .

Thanks The Honest Mums Club for tagging me.

How Self Entitled, Selfish And Judgy People Are Getting

I never realised that people think you owe them for everything in their life. People have become selfish and think they are more important than you are. I work in retail and I have been spoken to like a piece of dirt, many times. But I smile and carry on, until I get home and cry.

People are quick to judge others too. I took Tilly to the Pharmacy on Friday to get my medication. Medication I rely on to keep me straight through this crisis. But because I had taken Tilly with me, I was judged by someone. It upset because I am a single mum and I had no option. I would never put her in harms way and she hadn’t even been to town in about 5 or 6 weeks. Sometimes you need to be kind, instead of judging.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Ways To Save Money When You Travel

Although it looks as though there are going to be no holidays for the foreseeable future. It is the perfect time to be looking at holidays and finding ways to save money when you travel, we travel  a lot and we ALWAYS look for the cheapest way to do it. So we want to share some of our tips today on saving money as you travel. Looking to put together a cheap holiday, can be so much fun because it is a challenge to get it cheaper than other websites. All money that you can save, can go towards buying extras and for using for holiday cash.

Use An Airline Comparison Site

Sometimes if i'm looking for a flight only, I will just type in EVERYWHERE for a destination on Skyscanner, and then choose the cheapest place to go. I have found some great destinations by doing this. You can get flights for less than £10 and then book your accommodation separately. But be careful because if anything happens to cancel flights, you won't be covered by ATOL.

Monday, 30 March 2020

How To Find Emergency Childcare

When you are a working parent, childcare can be a nightmare at the best of times. But with the current situation and schools being closed it can be even tougher for us working parents. Whilst lots of working parents have been sent home because they don't do a job that can be done from home. Lots of parents have to work from their home office to keep the country going. I have friends who work in call centres and the are now working from home. That leads to the problem of childcare!

Lockdown Binge Watching Suggestions

Now that we are all having to take time out from life and stay home, in order to stay safe. It gives us time to take stock of things and realise that work takes up so much of our life and what mattered before the virus hit, suddenly doesn't matter.

Spend time with your love ones and just binge watch tv, this is one of my favourite things to do when I am home. Now with all of the time we have on our hands, its the perfect time to binge watch. We have so many options to binge watch on different channels like Netflix, Now TV, Amazon TV and Disney+. Today I am sharing some of my favourite binge programmes for you all to watch too.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

How to stimulate personal growth

How to stimulate personal growth

You wake up. You get ready for work. You travel the same route to work that you’ve been taking since you got the new job three years ago, and you do the job you know how to do inside out for the required number of hours before returning home and having virtually no memory of what just happened. Some would call it groundhog day. Some would call it life. But is that enough? As the famous saying goes, you weren’t born to pay taxes and die. No one is going to give you the keys to self-fulfilment, even teachers or trainers who offer weekend getaways to stimulate personal growth can only help so much (click here for online pointers in personal growth). Ultimately, all learning is self-learning. Here’s how you can get out of your daily funk and water the seeds of change.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

What Type Of Skirt Suits Me?

Skirts and Self-Expression

There are a lot of ways to be self-expressive in the world today. For example, some people express themselves through artwork or poetry. Did you know you can also express yourself with clothing? In fact, if it's time to shop for a new skirt, your own personality has to play a huge role in your skirt choice. If it doesn't, you are likely to be disappointed with your purchase. Here are some reasons a skirt is great for self-expression.

You Can Select the Skirt Shape You Want

One reason skirts are so expressive is they come in a large range of shapes. A-Line, pleated and pencil skirts are just a few of the options. There are also skirts that follow no shape pattern at all. Their asymmetrical hemlines are unusual and eye-catching.

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