Friday, 20 September 2019

Top Tips To Help Your Child with Their SATs

SATs stand for Standard Assessment Tasks and most children can expect them in year 6. This can be a stressful time for children and parents anyway; preparing for secondary school, saying goodbye to teachers and just genuinely growing up. However As a parent, there are some things you can do to help your child prepare for their SATs, to reduce the worry and add some fun to their revision.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Staying Safe On A Date

Some people yearn to mee the love of their life online on a dating website, whilst others are looking for someone just to have a bit of fun with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bit of naughty fun with someone once in a while and it is perfect for people who have just come out of a relationship and don't want to make a commitment. Most of us have done it and we have a laugh along the way, It is no longer something to be ashamed of in the dating world and men and women both have their sexual needs!

Positive Ways To Help Your Mental Health This Winter

With the winter months coming, many people find that it affects their mental health because everything seems so dark and grim. Being depressed in the winter is a real thing, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that hits people when the weather outside is dark and they struggle to get light into the home. We all know in the summer, we feel better about ourselves because we can get out and about and it is light until late at night. But in the winter, it is another story. It's dark and wet outside so you don't want to go out and then it's equally as dark inside your home too. I hate it being so dark in the winter and the feeling of depression dragging you down is hard, but there are a few ways that you can actually improve your mental health with a few little tips. 

Friday, 13 September 2019

Tips On Internet Dating

I have used the internet to date for a long time, in fact, it is how I met Tilly's dad. These days internet dating is the best way to meet people because we don't actually have time to go out and meet people. Also the only places that you can people meet are really at work when you are too busy or you can't talk to people you are attracted to. Or you can meet them in your downtime at the pub or a night club when you have all had a few too many drinks and you are falling all over each other.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Win A Bottle Of Soulcal Perfume

I know its only September but the shops are filling with Christmas already. The aisles are slowly being filled with Christmas sweets and gifts. Last Christmas things were so tight with money and I had bailiffs at my door a couple of weeks before the big day. It was my own fault and I had got behind on the bills, I hid them away hoping that they would go away. That's all part of mental health that people never talk about.

This year I am determined to have a better Christmas and to provide Tilly with the gift that she wants. Last year she asked me for a Nintendo Switch. I had a bit saved up and I ended up handing it over to the bailiffs. This year is going to be different because I have already bought Tilly her Christmas gift. She has her Nintendo Switch. It is only the basic console but I have it and its popped away in the cupboard for her. I will add the games as and when I can afford it. You can also find some fab Christmas Ideas at to help with your own Christmas plans.

Can a Healthy Lifestyle Lead to a Good Education?

Can a Healthy Lifestyle Lead to a Good Education?

We hear it again and again don’t we? How important a healthy lifestyle is for your child to succeed in school, college or university. But just how important? What is it about the way in which we live our lives that has such an impact on the way we learn?

Childhood and adolescence are critical periods with regards to our children’s developing skills, knowledge and attitudes. Learning what a healthy lifestyle is at this point, could impact your child for the rest of their life. Students who are guided well, can then assess and make choices with regards to behaviours which are good and behaviours which are bad in terms of their health.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

How to Build a Good Relationship with your Child’s Teacher

Your child’s teacher is such an important part of their life…and by default, yours. Five days a week, your child is in the care of their teacher and it’s not only their academic life which is in the hands of the teacher but also their social and emotional needs. This is why it’s so important to foster a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with them. Some schools, like this independent school in Hertfordshire place a lot of emphasis on this strong relationship between parents and staff.

There are some very simple ways in which you can show your child’s teacher that you’re on the same side as they are and that you understand the pressures of their job. Showing this to a teacher will allow them to handle your child with more confidence because they know you’re with them all the way and in every aspect.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Awesome Home Hair Remedies

How often have you gone to the cupboard to find out that the kids have used the last of your hair products and put the empty pot or can back in the cupboard? It really is a teenage thing! It is really frustrating when you are on your way out and now you cannot do your hair properly. So today on the blog we have some awesome tips for free home hair remedies from running out of mousse to taming frizzy hair. Hopefully, you can find some of these will help you in your hair emergency at home.

The Best Beaches Of Crete

Now that the summer holidays are over and the prices of holidays are starting to go down again, it is a brilliant time to start looking at going on holiday. The kids are all back at school and holiday resorts will have fewer children visiting the holiday destinations. Because of the position of the Greek islands in the Mediterranian, it is an excellent choice for a holiday later on in the year. With the sun shining until mid to late October, you know you will make the most of the late sun.

One of the most popular destinations for beach holidays in Greece is Crete, the biggest of the Greek islands. It is surrounded in crystal clear waters and the beaches are lined with white sand and it can take days to get around and start to see as much as you can. But a trip to Crete is well worth the visit. There are many popular beaches to visit in Crete and we want to help you to choose your holiday resort. 

Preveli Beach Crete, Rethymno

Preveli is to be found on the south coast of Crete and with the freshwater river that comes from the mountains, flows through Preveli and finishes in the Libyan Sea, So when the weather is hot, you can take a soak in either the freshwater of the river or the saltwater of the sea. You can hire canoes and small boats at the mouth of the river and spend time relaxing on the river that is surrounded by palm trees that give the beach a real tropical feel.

Lasithi Istro Beach, Crete

Lasithi beaches can be found in the easternmost area of Crete and are not so popular as the beaches of west and south Crete, but Istro Beach. Has the most crystal clear sea waters and white sand to walk along and these are the two features that make this beach so popular with locals and tourists. Green hills and high vegetation surround the beach and it leaves a magical background to relax in whilst you lay on a sunbed on the beach.

Balos Beach Crete, Chania

September is really one of the best months to visit this beach because the sun will shine down on you all day long. You can get to the beach either by getting a boat from Kissamos.or driving down the dirt track road and parking in the mountains. Then you walk down to the beach. The water is clear and the sand is white with a tint of pink in it. It is the perfect beach for watching the sunset. Balos beach is on the northwestern side of the island.

Glyka Nera Beach Crete, Chania

Glyka Nera Beach is also called Sweet Water Beach and it has a pebble beach but the water is a deep blue colour. You will find the beach 75 Km south of Chania and although it is easily accessible by a boat, you can also drive to it and park the car. It is a 30-minute walk to the beach down a pathway and it is one of the best on Crete, so it really worth a visit.

Kedrodasos Beach Crete, Chania

Kedrodasos beach (Cedar forest) is another beautiful beach on Crete. You can find it 76km southwest of Chania and the famous lagoon of Elafonisi is 1 km West of the beach. This beach is very secluded and unspoiled but there aren't really any facilities nearby for you to enjoy. There are tree's on the beach and it is all very natural. It has many rocks on the beach for you to explore and the water is clear and the sand is white.
Falassarna Beach Crete, Chania

The beach of Falassarna can be found 59km west of Chania city and about 17km west of Kissamos, at the western base of Cape Gramvousa. The northern end of the beach has ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Falassarna. With white sand that is covered in sunbeds and umbrellas. With the tropical-looking seawater, this is one of the most popular beaches on Crete. It is a kilometer long and has snack bars and cafes so you can get food and drink. 

How To Get To The Beaches

With all of these beaches to visit (and many more beaches that we haven't mentioned), you will need to be able to get to them. Most of the beaches on Crete are accessible by boat but they can be expensive with them being about 30 euro's a person. The better option is to hire a car from Rental Center Crete and then you can travel the island and visit the beaches at your own pace. The cars also come with premium insurance and free cancellation if your holiday plans change. If you take a boat trip, they can be lovely and relaxing but you are restricted with the times of the boat and a few different people use the boat. Traveling the island by car means its a more personal experience for you and your friends or family. It is also cheaper than using boats to get to the beaches. 

Because some of the beaches are secluded, it makes them even more special, so whether you are on a family holiday or a couples holiday, make sure you get to visit them. 

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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Teaching Your Kids To Respect School Rules

Teaching Your Kids to Respect School Rules

The children are now settling back into the new term in school, they have started a new year and sometimes it can be a bit daunting for them, but they will soon settle down and succeed. In order for your child to succeed academically and develop important life skills, it is important to teach your kids to respect school rules and behave well for teachers.

To help your child follow and respect school rules, here is some great advice from Mill Hill School for you today.

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