How To Take The Kids Hiking This Year

If you have some time coming up where you can spend it with the family, then taking them outside and burning off some energy is great for them. How about getting them started with hiking? It is a great idea to get the family together, pack a lunch and choose a hike to take. You can easily do this from home or as part of the holiday, wherever you go. There are hiking tours of Europe. Or just stay in the UK and find a good hiking route. Here are some tips to help you take the kids hiking this year.

Make Sure You Are Ready And Fully Prepared Before You Leave

Think about where you are going, can the kids manage the hike? Will you need to keep carrying the pushchair up and down some steps? Is there a lot of gates to climb over? Is the route safe to walk with kids? If you choose a set walk or hike, check that it is suitable for your family. Find out how long your hike will take. Because you do not still want to be hiking as it starts getting dark!

Make sure you have told people where you are going and either go old school with a map. Or use your phone’s GPS to make sure you are going the right way.

Bring Snacks and Drinks When You Take The Kids Hiking

Kids eat all the time and when they are hiking, they will be burning up more energy than usual. So they will need more snacks and drinks than usual. It keeps them happy and there will be less nagging and moaning. But if you are out longer than you expected, you will also have those snacks to ease any hunger.

Additionally, you will want to bring plenty of water during the hike and after. Staying hydrated is key especially when hiking in hotter environments. Many places have freshwater streams where you can refill your bottle. But you need to have water to keep hydrated.

Water bottles that keep your water colder for longer are the best bottles to use. Nobody wants warm water during a hike. They are heavier to carry, but worth it in the long run. I also freeze some water bottles on a long day out or on a hike. Then the water slowly defrosts through the day and it is cold to drink. It also keeps your packed lunch cold.

Use A Backpack Carrier For The Little Ones

If you have a toddler, a hiking backpack carrier is a lifesaver! It means you are not pushing a stroller or pushchair the whole time. And the little ones can see more from on your back.

Hiking Backpacks For When You Take The Kids Hiking

When you go hiking, you will need a backpack. You won’t need a big one. Just one big enough for lunch/snacks, a cardigan or a raincoat. Then you need space for some water bottles, but most backpacks have side pockets for these. When we went to Europe last year, we added clips to the backpack. Then we could hang sunhats from it, and small towels if we needed them.

Get the kids to carry their backpacks. It means that you are not leaving it all to one person to carry. If the kids have their backpacks, they can have their snacks and drinks when they want them. They don’t need to keep asking you.

Wear Proper Clothing and Shoes When You Take The Kids Hiking

A hike, no matter how easy, is not the place for any type of sandal or flip-flops. Shoes with open toes will end in disaster because you can get injuries from rocks and stones. If anything falls on your feet, there is no protection either. Sandals and flip-flops also have no grip on them, so you can slip as you climb or hike.

What is the weather like outside the window? What is the weather expecting to do later in the day? Wearing lots of layers is good, then you can remove them as it gets warmer throughout the day. As you get hotter, tie your jumper or cardigan around your waist. pop layers into your backpack. It is likely to get colder later, so having more clothes is better than not enough.

You might want to put some clean clothes or shoes in your car in case you get muddy and wet. Then you can change into something warmer and cleaner before getting into the car.

Make Sure The Kids Enjoy It, Instead Of It Being Boring

Kids would rather be at home playing on their devices. It is a way of life for them. So you need to make a hike fun and exciting for them. Make a list of things for them to do, make it a scavenger hunt and see who is the winner at the end of the hike. Do you remember old I-Spy books? You can do something like that with your kids. Make a list of wildlife they need to find. Or make up a story as you are doing the hike. Each member of the family adds part to the story, using things they can see when you take the kids hiking.

Hiking is not going to be what your child wants to do on a day off from school. They might grunt or groan about the hike, but you need to encourage them to look forward to it. If your child has additional needs, you need to consider those too. If they have meltdowns, then they will likely have one on your hike too. Don’t let this ruin your day, but prepare for it.

Your hike is not a race. Take it as casually as you can when kids are involved. What is your end game? Are you looking for a specific place on your hike? Are you trying to get to the top of a mountain or hill or are you heading towards a waterfall? Make this a game, who can be the first person to see the landmark.

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