Trying Yoga As An Exercise And What Equipment You Need

Benefits Of Trying Yoga

2020 is the year of lockdowns, the year of gyms closing and exercise groups in public. Instead, it has become the year of Joe Wicks P.E classes on YouTube and exercise apps. It is also the year of new hobbies and discovering exercises you never would have tried before. This is important because lockdown is restricting us from going and exercising as much as we want to.

Have you thought about Yoga as a way to exercise from home and also to meet up with a local group when things get back to 'normal'. There are so many health benefits to yoga, not just physically but also mentally. 

Starting Out In Yoga

Many exercises can be expensive to set up. If you want to take up cycling, you need to buy a bike. If you want to start a sport, you need to buy all of the sports equipment. But with Yoga, the outlay is low.
Yoga Mats

You need a Yoga Mat to start with. This defines your personal space, not only in a gym class but also at home. More importantly, it helps to create some traction for your hands and feet, so you don't go slipping all over the place! It also provides you with a cushioned surface if the floor is hard to exercise on.

When you do a yoga class in a gym, sometimes they provide a yoga mat to you. But for hygiene purposes, you are better at owning your own mat. This prevents any cross-contamination and spread of diseases.

You can get some awesome yoga mats online these days. With pictures on that are as relaxing as your yoga session is going to be. You can see a fabulous selection at, where they combine art with the practicality of a yoga mat. I particularly like the Zen Mats like these ones.

At you can look through millions of yoga mats. they are designed by independent designers as well as bigger brands. This is an excellent outlet for new up and coming designers to portray their work. It is always good to support an independent supplier. The yoga mats are 24" x 72" x 0.25" and are eco-friendly.

The yoga mats are printed to order, so you might be the only person in your area with the yoga mat that you choose. Being different from everyone else is a good thing! The yoga mats are printed on-demand and are delivered anywhere worldwide within a couple of days. Namaste!

Yoga Clothes

You also need some decent clothes for yoga. you need a top that is flexible to work in, but not too loose. If it is loose, it will fly all over the place as you do your yoga moves. Can you imagine your t-shirt flying over your head as you are doing a yoga position? You also need yoga pants or shorts. These are flexible enough for your moves. You can buy yoga clothes in many stores like Primark, or even Asda.
How It Benefits Your Body And Mind

There are many reasons for how yoga can benefit your body and mind. So here are a few reasons to help you make up your mind. 

It Boosts Your Metabolism

Yoga helps the metabolic system in your body, it motivates you to eat healthier and make healthier choices in your life. Your metabolic system is there to help your body make energy from the foods you eat. Food is made up from so many different things like protein, fats and carbs. Chemicals in your body will break down the food parts and becomes your bodys fuel. The quicker you break down your food, the better it will be. 

It Helps With Medical Problems

Yoga helps with boosting your immune system. Something that we could all do with at the moment! If your immune system is improved, you're less likely to catch Winter viruses. At the moment, our immune system needs as much boosting as we can give it. **There are viruses, that it will not protect against or prevent you catching.

Breathing exercises improve the function of your lungs. Any exercise can help you in the long run to improve your breathing (as your fitness improves). This increases the capacity of your lungs.

Helps With Mental Health

When you practice yoga, it helps to explore a different side to yourself. Maybe a side that you have never seen before. This helps you to feel good about yourself and you see things so much more positively.

There is so much evidence that that excercise is good for mental health. Because it reduces stress and anxiety. Especially in difficult times. It also gives you something to get up for in the morning, and some time for you, where you can zone out and just be you. Yoga doesn't have to be strenuous, it can be as gentle as you need.

If you exercise within a group or outside in public, you will also get to meet new people. These people will spur you on and encourage you with your yoga. They could be your new friends.

Have you given Yoga a try? Let us know in the comments

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