Reasons To Buy Jewellery For Christmas

 Christmas is going to be here before we know it, and we will all be racking our brains wondering what to buy for our loved ones at Christmas. This year, I have actually taken the jewellery route with my oldest daughter. She is always so helpful at home with the childcare of Tilly and she keeps me grounded when I spend too much money. 

She is 28 years old and I chose to buy her a charm bracelet. I wanted to be able to add to it as she gets older. It was a personal gift from me, that others can also add to if they want to. I was given a charm bracelet when I was her age, and I sill have it with charms from all over the world. 

But there are so many reasons to buy jewellery as a gift this year. And I am here to help you choose the best things to buy and the reason for buying it. 

Its A Personal Gift

A piece of jewellery is chosen as a special gift from someone who loves and cares for you. It is thought about and you will spend a long time choosing something that suits their personality, the lifestyle and their fashion style. It is no good buying a modern bracelet for your 86 year old grandma, who loses things. But an antique necklace would suit her and be cherished by her as it brings back memories. 

You can also make the jewellery extra special by personalising it. It might cost a bit more, but it makes it so much more personal to them. And it reminds them of you when they look at it. 

It Can Be A Gift For Any Age Or Occasion

There are no rules over who should and shouldn't wear jewellery. What age is too young or too old. Jewellery is for everyone. In some countries, babies are given jewellery and gold when they are born. They get their ears pierced for religious reasons too. So there is no limit on age. My youngest daughter, Tilly is 10 and she bought her very first piece of grown-up jewellery in Turkey last year. She is so proud of it. 

It doesn't have to be a special occasion either. You can give jewellery just because you love someone, or because they have excelled in something. You can give it for birthdays and Christmases. Or you can give it because you want your loved one to remember their special occasion. Like a 21st birthday, the birth of a first child. 

Whatever the occasion, you can find a piece of jewellery to suit it. 

Jewellery Can Be Timeless

I have some pearls that I bought from Tiffany's about 15 years ago. These are for my girls to wear on their wedding day. I bought them because I wanted an heirloom to give them to pass down to their children. Jewellery very rarely goes out of fashion (unless you buy cheap fashion jewellery). 

I think older pieces of jewellery look georgous when you wear it. Antique jewellery looks timeless and looks like it has a story behind it too. Antique jewellery doesn't mean only Victorian jewellery either. It can be other historical jewellery like the things you will find on You can buy a wide range of Edwardian  jewellery to Art Deco. There is antique jewellery for everyone to enjoy. Again it can be something that you buy today, that will remain in the family to be handed down. 

Jewellery Can Suit Anybody

you might think that jewellery doesn't suit you. But it just means that you have not found the right piece for you yet. Shop around and if you don't like anything with a certain stone or precious metal, then try something else. But never be afraid to experiment with different metals ad stones. As well as different designs from antique jewellery to modern jewellery. You will find the right piece that sits comfortably against your skin. 

Jewellery is an investment, but it is an investment you will grow to love and cherish because it holds so many special moments. Buy a gift of jewellery for Christmas this year. There are some more women's birthday gifts here for you to check out

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