How To Win A Google Nest Mini

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Win A Google Nest Mini

Christmas is on its way and we wanted to be able to offer you a prize to help you with your Christmas shopping. This year has been tough! There is no doubt about that. So I hear you asking, how can I win a Google Nest Mini?

Firstly let's talk about the prize, in case you don't know what a Google Nest Mini is.

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Stream Music

You can link your YouTube channel, Spotify and Pandora. Just say 'Google Play (my song) and it will find it and play it for you. You can also ask Google to turn the music volume up or down.

Ask Google For Advice.

How about asking google about the weather, to work out maths calculations and ask it to tell you a joke. You can ask Google to translate for you and tell you what the weather is like in a town across the world. You can also ask Google how to fix a washing machine.

Connect Your Tv and Lights

This is one of my favourite features. How many times do you get up to bed and realise that you have left the downstairs light on? You can ask Google to switch your lights on and off from the comfort of your bed. How about also trying to ask it to switch your electronic product on and off. You will need google lights and plugs to make this feature work.

Set Alarms

Who needs alarm clocks these days? Just ask Google to set an alarm for the morning or afternoon nap.

Call Your Friends And Family Without Dialling

All you need to say is 'Call Mum' or 'Call Grandad' and it connects you to their Google Nest Mini.

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Do You Want To Know How To Win A Google Nest Mini?

We have a Google Nest Mini to give away, maybe you just want one for yourself or you know someone who would really love this for Christmas. We have one to give away. I have teamed up with Me, My, Life And The Tardis to give you the opportunity to win one. To be in with a chance to be able to win the Google Nest Mini, All you need to do is to enter through the raffle copter below. We have a few terms and conditions printed below and any comments need to be 8 words or more, otherwise, they end up in the spam section of the comments. You don't need to fill out the rafflecopter optional entries. But the more you do enter, the better chance of winning you have. Good Luck!

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Terms And Conditions

  • UK entries only.
  • Blog comments need to be 8 words or more.
  • This competition can be withdrawn at any time.
  • If the prize is not available to send to the winner, an alternative prize will be chosen and sent.