How To Decorate Your House With Wall Art

Wall Art And It's Place In Your House

Picking a piece of canvas to add some wall art to your home is an excellent choice. It gives you a new focal point for your room and adds a splash of colour on a plain painted wall.

Canvas art looks better because it is frameless, so you only have the image and no frames that can become dated and as soon as you change your furnishings it might not fit in so much with your furnishings or decoration.

Fresh Focal Point In A Room

Having a focal point in your room is something that is always suggested when you decorate or move furniture around. A focal point is something that immediately drags your eyes to it. A piece of art is perfect for a focal point. How you design your focal point in the room is up to your whole imagination. Some people will place one large piece of wall art, whilst others will bunch a few canvases together to create their little focal space.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you choose your wall art

  • Budget - you need to find something that looks good and it is within your budget.
  • Space - Is the space available for where you want to place your canvas? You don't want to order a piece of art that is not going to look too big or too small for the space that you have in mind.
  • Focal - Does the wall art catch your eye as you enter the room? If it doesn't then you need to rethink it. If the canvas you have bought is too small, then grab some more and make it look bigger. placing four smaller canvases in a square will look as good as a large canvas. Even better, go for a collection. As well as a focal point, it is also a talking point. 

Different Kinds Of Wall Art

Of course, there are different type of wall art. Although I prefer canvas art, you go have the option of using posters, framed arts and even tapestries.

Posters for your bedroom are a cool way to add some colour and a focal point. They are more fun for the bedroom too. When I suggest posters, I don't mean the pop posters that we all had on our walls as a child. But instead, You can have your favourite movie posters, who wouldn't want Jon Snow on their bedroom wall?

Tapestries are not like they were many years ago. Frames with someones cross stitch in, that they painstakingly worked on for years. These days they couldn't be any more different.

These days they are lightweight, microfibre fabrics that hang from your walls. Tapestries are perfect for any room in your home. They have hemmed edges and hooks on the corners to attach them to the wall. There is no frame, and you can get almost any image you like from Fine Art America.

Tapestries are perfect if you have a young family because they are completely washable on a low wash. So if they get grubby with the kids, then whip it off, pop it in the wash and it is clean again. They are not going to ruin as much as a piece of walled art might be, especially with your kids throwing toys around. They are great for covering a larger space too, especially if there is a problem with the wall that you want to hide.

There are so many choices of wall art around these days, just choose something you feel will look great and really compliment your home.

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