Personalised Books For Children Of All Ages


Personalised Books

Personalised books make such a special keepsake for children of all ages. I have been doing them for my kids since they were little, and the oldest is 28 now. So when we were approached by ln The Book to review a personalised book for Tilly and Zoe, we were excited.

The books put your child right in the centre of the story. So they feel the magic as they read. Some of the books can include more than one person. So you can include, parents, friends or grandparents. The books arrive in a beautiful presentation box, ready to gift wrap for a birthday or Christmas.

How The Books Come Together

You order your book online, by writing your personal messages and adding names. Then you pay for your book and the order is received by the production team, where the book is made into a PDF file. Then it is printed on a Canon i300. Your book is completed from design to posting in 2 days.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is for my granddaughter Zoe. She was born with only one hand. We found out when my daughter-in-law was 20 weeks pregnant. They made the choice to turn it into a positive thing. And now that she is here, she is so awesome. My daughter-in-law has decided to make Nemo, a big part of her life. Nemo was born with one fin shorter than the other but is brave and confident. The way they wish Zoe to be as she grows up.

So choosing Finding Nemo for her was the best book that I could choose. Again it comes in the choice of soft and hardback, we chose hardback. You can choose to also have your child's photo put in the back of the book. The child's name appears on the front of the book, and the personalised message is just inside.

Finding Nemo personalised book is obviously a Disney brand. In The Book have a full license to publish these stories. There are 32 pages in the book and the child is named in most of the pages. So they see their name throughout the story. Unfortunately, Zoe's name has a 2-dot accent over the E, but you can't add this on the personalisation.

The book is full of bright colours to keep the kid's attention.

A Christmas Carol

I chose this book for Tilly because kids don't read enough classics these days. I wanted a book that she could keep as she gets older and cherish. With A Christmas Carol, you get to choose 6 characters to be in the book, as well as leaving a personal message in the front of the book.

The book comes in a paperback or hardback copy. We chose the hardback copy as it will last a few years and hopefully she can read it with her children in years to come. The front cover of the book is in the same design of the original first edition of the novel. Although the book gives you the option to personalise the book with family and friends names. It also gives you the option to keep the original names too. So you can have the original characters and just personalise the book.

What We Thought

I am in love with these books. With Zoe's first Christmas coming up, this makes a wonderful keepsake for her. The added bonus is to have the child's photo put in the book too. The book is a nice big book with nice sized writing for my son and my Dutch daughter-in-law to read to her. Zoe is half Dutch and half English. So this is a lovely English book for her to read.

A Christmas Carol has quite small writing and it has a few words that don't usually appear in kids books. So it is more ideal for a teen or adult. It's a great idea for a classic novel fan. I read it with Tilly, who is 10 years old, but she likes the story and it is good to know she was reading a traditional story.

The books are an awesome price for what they are. The prices start at £12.99 and they arrive within a couple of days. Tilly loved that her book had personalised characters in there and that we named her sister as Scrooge.