How To Have A Halloween Party With Design Bundles

Halloween Party Tips

Halloween this year is all about making the extra effort for the kids because Trick or Treating is out of the window. Covid restrictions mean that you won’t be safe going from door to door, like traditionally. So this year it’s about pumpkin tours and a homemade Halloween party (within the rule of 6). Money is tight too this year, so buying decorations is out of the window. That’s why you need to get back to basics and sit down with the kids and make your own decorations

You can make your decorations as personal as you like if you print them off from Design Bundles. The best thing is that the only limit to your decorations is your imagination. You can design anything from t-shirts to cards from the website and each design costs a few pounds each. Then you can use that design as often as you want to.

These were designs that we printed off onto some card and sellotaped them to some sticks to make party photo props. 


Party Settings

With the rule of six this year, it’s going to make it difficult to have many people in your house. But you can still have fun and be safe. Probably my favourite bundle from Design bundles was Halloween celebration set because you get some party settings for the children and there are 4 different designs. 
Within the designs, you get

  • A cup cover to wrap around a cup.
  • A small treat box to fill with sweets.
  • A sticky badge that you can place on their plate to remind them of their design.
  • A small sheet of paper. We cut this paper up and made it into a cutlery holder.

Make the treat boxes out of card, you can buy this from Poundland and it fits through the printer perfectly. The stickers are easy to make too because they print out as an A4 sheet. You can order sticker paper from Amazon or Hobbycraft. The cup designs are easier on paper, then secure them with a piece of sellotape. 

Designing T-shirts

We all know that logo t-shirts and jumpers are expensive when they come out for Halloween and Christmas. So why not make your own? For as little as $2.60 you can get this witch design, then you print it on to t-shirt transfer paper. You then iron it on to the t-shirt. And there you go, you have saved yourself about £5.00 on a Halloween t-shirt. But once you have bought the design, you can do what you like with it. We even made a shopping bag too.

TIP – Don’t forget you need to reverse the image of the design, so it doesn't print back to front.

How Design Bundles Works

To get the membership for Design bundles, you need to become a member with one of their special offers. There are different levels of memberships. The more you pay, the better the benefits. I took out the gold membership and that also gives me 50 credits for additional free downloads of designs. The designs are perfect for use with the Cricut machine and you can put the designs on glasses, mugs, flasks etc. 

If you are using a printer, just grab some sticker sheets of A4 size and print stickers out, you can use them to decorate glasses, cups, even party bags like we have. 

If you know what designs you are looking for, then you can type in the search bar and find what you need. Then you pay for the design with your debit card. Then you download the design and it is yours to keep. If you want to print off 37 pictures, then you can. There is no limit to the usage. 

Selection Of Fun Designs

There is a whole range of different Halloween designs to choose from and you can choose from different files to receive them on too. If you are working with a computer and you are going to print the designs out, then go for the PNG files or JPEG files. If you are working with a Cricut machine, then you want to use SVG files. The SVG files can be resized without any distortion to the design and they are perfect for your Cricut machine. 

You can even get designs with Volkswagen Beetles set up for Halloween! These are perfect for beetle fans.

This year we have all found our creative side, so we are so excited to be able to design our own Halloween decorations and see them being used. Why don't you get over there and see how you can design a Halloween night for yourself.