10 Reasons Why Jigsaw Puzzles Should Become Your New Hobby

Life is always so stressful, even more in 2020. But sometimes you need to completely switch off from all things tech-related and find a new hobby to do. Jigsaw puzzles can be fun and they make for a cheap hobby to do too. There is no age that is too old or young to do jigsaw puzzles, and there are so many benefits to switching off with your family and getting together to do them. So why not add Jigsaw puzzles to your Amazon wishlist or Christmas list this year.

Here are 10 reasons why jigsaw puzzles are the new hobby to do. 

Switch Off From Life

There is so much negativity in life at the moment. Sometimes you just need to switch off from it and forget what is going on. A jigsaw puzzle can do that for you. You get drawn into the puzzle and before you know it you have finished it. It is good to switch off and do something different.

It's An Affordable Hobby

One of the best things about jigsaw puzzles is that it is an affordable hobby. Whatever your budget, there is no outlay and you can buy jigsaw puzzles for a few pounds. The Works has a great range of jigsaw puzzles at a great price. You can get them from a couple of pounds and for all ages. Jigsaw puzzles also make awesome birthday presents for kids, when your child gets an invite to their party. 

Keeping Your Brain Active

Doing a puzzle will help to keep your mind active. It helps with your memory and has often been said that it helps people with dementia to keep their brain active for a little longer. It won't prevent or stop dementia but it helps their cognitive ability. And the longer that the brain is active, the likeliness is that they will retain memories for longer. 

Family Bonding

We don't spend enough times with our families, that's a fact. With both parents having to work to cover the everyday bills, it is hard to find family time. If you do a puzzle together, it gives you all something to talk about. You can leave the puzzle on the table and add to it when you can. Make it into a little competition to see who can find all of the outside pieces and who can finish the certain part of a puzzle first. It is even better if you can actually sit around the table together and work on a puzzle. You will find you chat with your family about what you have done throughout the day.

Sense Of Achievement

You get a sense of achievement when you take something from scratch and put it together. The joy of putting some pieces of cardboard together and creating an image is brilliant to see on someone's face. Children always get that exciting sense of achievement. 

Work Place Teamwork

At work, we all like a bit of banter and competition. So we put a puzzle on the table to switch off from work in our lunch and tea breaks. Then if someone completes a part, then we pretend we are better than the others. Having a jigsaw puzzle helps with teamwork, as much as it does to help families bond. Because your workplace is also a little family to you.

Improve Problem Solving

As much as it helps people with memory problems and dementia, it will also help your own brain with problem-solving. You have to take something and look at it, then work out how it goes together. There could be 30 pieces in a child's jigsaw puzzle or 1000 in an adult one. But each one has different pieces with hundreds of possible different combinations of going together. 

Help With Mental Health

This works amazingly well for mental health. We are all stressed at some times in our life. We get to breaking point, but a jigsaw puzzle will give us something to focus on other than what is really on our mind. When you worry about things in your head, they can build up to the point, where you can no longer cope. You really need to take a break from life and switch off. Thinking about something else and making your brain work in other ways, gives you a break from stress. 

Improve Co-ordination

When you take the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and have to put them together, you need to use your hands as well as your brain. Your brain tells you where the piece goes, then your hands need to work together to slot it into the small gap. It's great for toddlers to be able to put a puzzle together as well as adults who need some work after an illness or brain injury. 

Time Away From Screens

We all spend too much time on our screens! but that's because they are so easily accessible to us. And they are not always a good thing, so you need to switch off from them and do something else instead. 

Have you thought about starting to do jigsaw puzzles as a hobby?