Stylish Ways to Wear Simple Clothes

While most of us love an elegant outfit, and we enjoy shopping for those special pieces that will really make a statement, these aren’t the main parts of our wardrobe. They are the special events, the things that only get pulled out for special occasions or big nights out. The bulk of your wardrobe might be far more straightforward, e.g. trouser suits and simple shift dresses for work. Jeans and t-shirts for casual lunches and shopping trips or chilling at home. Even your holiday wardrobe might be mainly shorts and tees, basic summer dresses and casual maxis. Simple clothes are great, as they make us feel comfortable. They give us options when it comes to creating outfits. And they are the first things that we turn to when we’re looking for something easy to wear. Maybe you need some stylish ways to wear simple clothes.

But simple doesn’t have to mean basic, and it certainly doesn’t have to mean that you can’t look fabulous. In fact, it’s typically these simple outfits that suit you and fit well, which can look the most stylish with just a little dressing up.Show Off Your Waist

Your simple clothes might fit well, but do they show off your shape? If you are guilty of hiding your body behind shapeless pieces, it’s time to step up! Showing your curves is one of the best ways to make any simple outfit look more stylish. SSENSE has a Gucci belt selection full of wonderful options for cinching in the waist of any dress or jacket or even bringing in your trousers and jeans.

Other options for cinching your waist include tucking your shirt, tee, jumper, or even jacket into your trousers or skirt, and tying up those loose fit tees and shirts, to reveal a little shape or even skin.

Work with Layers

Layering up is a great way to show your personality and taste and add extra depth to your outfits. Add an open shirt over a classy cami or throw a blazer over your tee for a more sophisticated look, even when you are wearing jeans and pumps.

Turn Things Up

Turning the bottoms of your jeans or trousers up to add a cuff adds depth, lets you show off a little ankle, and gives more attention to your statement shoes. Turning the sleeves of jackets or long shirts can also add some style to a casual piece.

Add a Scarf

Scarves are a super simple way to change an outfit. A light scarf adds depth and texture and helps you to make a statement. It can look casual or sophisticated and gives you greater options with your wardrobe.

Break Some Rules

If you always team your clothes in the same ways. Or you wouldn’t dream of wearing certain colours, prints or materials together. It’s time to rethink. Embrace double denim. Let blue and green be seen and enjoy being more playful with your wardrobe.

A simple wardrobe is something to be treasured. It means that you know your style, you know what you like, and you wear things that make you feel good. To make it more stylish, you just need to take some risks and learn how to have fun with what you’ve got.

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