How Has Travel Changed, Post Lockdown?

Everyone seems nervous about travelling post lockdown. And to be quite honest, I was one of those people. I wanted to go and see my new granddaughter in Holland but knew it was going to be a mammoth journey to take. We flew out from Stansted Airport as it seemed the easiest option of all and here is our experience and a little bit of what you should expect when you fly.

The Terminal 

The airport was really empty compared to when we normally travel. The money exchange place was open and so were the public toilets. If you arrive by train, there is a one-way system in place to get into the terminal and there are stickers on the floor, reminding you of social distancing. There were partitions between each person when you put your belongings on the conveyer belt at security.

Most of the terminal shops are still closed, which is disappointing. But as the shops are small, you can understand why they might not open for the Public. We travelled through Stansted and Boots, WHSmith, JD sports and Duty-Free were open. 

There are no testers in the duty-free shop, because of the threat of contamination of Covid-19. This is understandable and usually, you go to the duty-free shop, knowing exactly what you want to buy. There weren't any restaurants open to eat at and obviously have a drink. Which is good because when you have had a few drinks, you forget about social distancing.

The shops have a one way system and when I went into WHSmith, I had to leave at a totally different part of the terminal and had a bit of a walk to get back to my daughter

Face Masks

These are compulsory on public transport in the UK. Although on trains, there is nobody checking that you have one on, and they are not removing people that don't wear masks. But as soon as you get to the Airport Terminal you MUST wear your face covering. If you do not have one on, you will be asked to leave. We couldn't even get into security if we didn't have a mask on. You can remove your mask to eat and drink. You can also temporarily pull your facemask under your nose, to help you breathe.

You will also need to wear your face mask on the plane, although we flew with Ryan Air and they don't expect kids under 12 to wear one. again you can remove your mask for eating and drinking.

Social Distancing

There are stickers on the floor that show you which way to go and reminding you to stay 2 metres apart. There are also people reminding you of social distance. It is difficult because the benches in the terminal are free for all and you have to remind yourself to remember to stay the distance away. It is totally down to the trust of the passengers. Unfortunately, the social distancing seems to be forgotten when everyone is rushing to get on the plane and there is no social distancing on the plane.

Track And Trace

If you're travelling to a place where they also have track and trace, then you will need to fill in a form with your flight details and seat number. This is sent to you by your flight provider or holiday provider and you need it filled in before you fly. I am not sure what the benefit of this form is because it was looked at before we got on the plane. Then looked at when we went through dutch passport control, but nobody asked where we were staying and nobody kept the details on the form.

Over all, it was an okay experience and Although you have to wear a face mask for hours on end, it is worth it in the long run to see my beautiful granddaughter.