Encouraging Kids To Clean Their Teeth

My daughter has always been a nightmare to get to clean her teeth! From an early age, she hated the taste of toothpaste and I spent so much money trying to find one that she likes. But they were all fruity toothpaste and not ideal as she got older. She would try everything to get out of cleaning her teeth. So we tried all sorts of different ways to get her to clean her teeth, here are some tips that worked for us. Hopefully, they will work for you and your child too. Because oral hygiene is important for kids to learn.

Looking after kids teeth helps to ensure they don't have so many problems as they get older.

Electric Toothbrushes

Battery toothbrushes will also do the same job as electric toothbrushes Some of the kid's toothbrushes play a jingle for the whole time that kids should be cleaning their teeth for. Whilst some electric toothbrushes have a time that will go off after the full two minutes.

Electric toothbrushes work really well at cleaning your child's teeth because they have the timer I mentioned just now. But they also usually have a sensor on them to make sure you are not to rough on your teeth as you clean them. They also clean in all parts of the teeth area, because toothbrush heads on an electric toothbrush don't just go backwards and forwards. They pulsate and get into all of the corners. Some even rotate and that gets into all of the little gaps a manual toothbrush would miss. You can use your normal toothpaste with an electric toothbrush. If you buy an adult electric toothbrush, please make sure you have kids toothbrush heads for them.

Star Or Reward Chart

Bribery always works with kids. So have a star chart in the bathroom that you can tick twice a day. Then at the end of the set time (a week for smaller kids, a month for older ones), they can have a reward for cleaning their teeth. This really works. You only need a Poundland gift or something from the supermarket. Get stickers to put on the reward chart, instead of ticks. Kids love playing with stickers. Having a reward chart works because it is a positive way to get kids to clean their teeth too, they are keen to clean them, to get the sticker on to the chart.

 Toothpaste Flavour

Okay, these work whilst they are very little because they don't have the mint smell. But as the child gets to about 7, they really need to be using a proper toothpaste. Whilst flavoured tubes of toothpaste work with getting kids to put the toothbrush in their mouth, they tend to eat the fruity toothpaste rather than clean their teeth. As soon as they are old enough get them on to a mild mint toothpaste. They might not like it to start with, but they will get used to it. Always check the age on the side of toothpaste boxes for children to use them.

We have used Colgate for many years, it is the only toothpaste that my older daughter likes. Tilly uses Colgate Total Original toothpaste. It has a milder mint taste to it and the texture feels good in her mouth. It froths up as she cleans her teeth, so it feels like her teeth are getting cleaner.

I'm happy with it as a mum because the Colgate Total Original toothpaste removes plaque from her teeth and any bacteria that is hiding in her mouth (the tongue, cheeks, gums and teeth). It also protects the mouth from excessive bacterial growth for up to 12 hours. So I feel like it is one less worry as a parent to know the toothpaste is doing its job.

The toothpaste is great for sensitive teeth and protects her enamel whilst fighting cavities. It also makes her breath feel fresh for quite a while after she cleans her teeth.

Let Them Be Independent 

Give them the money to buy their own toothpaste. Go into the shop and let them find the toothpaste on the shelf. Let them go to the checkout and pay themselves. This was something that worked with us because then it becomes their own toothpaste and they feel quite grown-up about cleaning their teeth. Then don't stand over them as they clean their teeth, give them space but watch from afar. Use the bathroom mirror to watch that they are cleaning their teeth properly.

Use disclosing tablets to check they have cleaned their teeth. If they have done it properly, there should be no blue colour in their mouth. If there is blue. They will see it and clean their teeth again to get rid of it. You can make this into a game.

Buying The Proper Toothbrush

Always buy a toothbrush that suits your child's age. Don't go buying the pack to 20 for £1 in the cheap shop. They are not suitable for the size of your child's mouth. They are also going to be too hard for their sensitive mouth and gums. Equally don't buy a baby toothbrush for a child of 6 or 7 because they will be too soft. Kids also like character toothbrushes, so if they want a Star Wars one, buy it for them.

Have Patience

I know this is difficult when you're trying to get ready for the day ahead of you. But if you get annoyed with them, then it will put them off wanting to clean their teeth. We spent many years battling the teeth cleaning routine and we finally won. It took the right toothpaste for us to win. But we got there in the end, and so will you.

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