5 Unusual Arts & Crafts Materials

With the kids still home for the foreseeable future, many parents are starting to feel like they might have exhausted every possible form of entertainment. But with the summer coming up, you’ll need new and exciting ways to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

A little arts and crafts can go a long way to capturing their imaginations, but no matter how resourceful you are, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve done it all. Whether you’re looking for your kids’ next art project, or even just something to keep yourself busy, this list contains just five unusual materials that you can use for DIY crafts.

1. Junk

We know you’ve probably paper mâchéd yourself silly and done just about everything you can with the empty toilet roll holder.

But many incredible works have art have been created with bits of household junk that might not even cross your mind – items like coat hangers, bottles and plastic bags have been given a new lease of life by many a talented artist. 

2. Wire

Wire can be great for making smaller arts and crafts like jewellery or household ornaments.

It can be moulded into its own wonderful shape or used to structure something completely different.

Suppliers Ormiston Wire know this better than anyone – their wire has been used to created sculptures, lightning displays, car parts and even the Thunderbirds puppets!

3. Food

A tasty masterpiece is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours – and the end product is delicious. Whether you decide to keep it simple with icing cakes in creative patterns, creating fun shaped biscuits, or even trying your hand at making your own fondant figures, food art is the perfect way to get everyone involved in something nice and simple, or set yourself a little challenge! 

4. Decoupage

This may sound fancy, but all you need for decoupage is paper and glue. It can be used for just about anything, but it’s frequently used to breath new life into items like lamps, vases and frames.

It’s done by gluing a picture onto the object of your choosing and applying a few layers of varnish once the glue has dried to create a ‘painted on’ look. Lord Byron, Marie Antoinette and Pablo Picasso were also supposedly decoupage enthusiasts.

5. Lego

This might not seem so unusual – after all, the whole point of Lego is to get creative, right?

And over the years, Lego sets have become more and more imaginative. Collectors can now recreate scenes and props from their favourite films, and even real-life locations, thanks to the Lego architecture range. But no one takes it quite so far as Nathan Sawaya. The so-called ‘Brick Artist’ has had his work shown across America, and his mind-blowing creations can be found right here on his Instagram.

We can’t promise you’ll create anything that looks quite like the artists mentioned here, but we hope this list gives you a little inspiration when it comes to finding new ideas!

When you make crafts, it is always a good idea to pop your ideas on Pinterest. You never know who else is looking for the same crafts to do as you. 
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