Money Saving Offers To Get You Through Covid-19

We are going through a very strange time and with many people losing their job or having to furlough at this time. So you need to find some money from somewhere and cut costs. Luckily there are lots of tips around to help you to save some money. I read recently that half of the UK is coming out of Covid-19 with savings and the other half are coming out in debt. It's sad that there is no in-between. But here are some money-saving tips to help you.

Shopping Vouchers

You can collect vouchers from most print magazines, but did you know that you can print vouchers from the Internet? Sometimes they are on the brand website themselves or other times there are websites with loads of brand vouchers that you can print off and use.

If you are pregnant, go to the Emmas Diary website and print off their vouchers for free baby branded bags full of goodies. Supermarket vouchers and extreme couponing is big in America!

Yellow Sticker Food

There is no shame in buying food with a yellow sticker because it has today's date on it. If you go shopping in Aldi, they actually mark some of their short-dated food down to half price, the day before it goes out of date. Obviously don't buy more food than you can eat, because then you're not saving money. Most food can also be frozen, so just check on the side of the packaging.

Free Samples

Some companies offer free samples if you sign up to their website, from bloggers to brands. These are worth signing up to. Even if you are subscribing to a print magazine, you might get a free gift. It is worth shopping around online for the best deals. Sometimes you get free samples if you buy a product too. You can also get some great sign up offers for signing up to websites.

Price Comparison Websites

If you are looking for things from products to holidays, it's always good to use a price comparison website. I use Skyscanner to book my flights when I travel. This gets me the best deal and I can find flights that suit my needs better. I also find airlines that I have never heard of before and it opens up my awareness of more airline companies.

Comparison sites can save you a lot of money. If you are looking for insurance, they help you find insurance that is perfect for your needs.

Loyalty Cards

These are not only your best friend in the supermarket, but also in regular shops like Boots or Superdrug. The idea of loyalty cards is that you earn 'points' when you do a shop. Then you can use those points to get money off your shopping or free products. We have a Sainsbury Nectar card and you can use the points to get money off your shopping or with partner companies like Argos.

Supermarket Own Brands

There is nothing wrong with switching brands to try the supermarket brands. In fact, it's usually what we buy!  It isn't just supermarkets, you can pop to Boots to grab a packet of vitamins or painkillers and they will have exactly the same ingredients as a branded packet.

Change Contracts

If you are contracted to a service, then it is worth calling up and getting them to take a look at it and asking for a discount. Usually phone companies have great starting offers for people, so it is worth cancelling your phone as soon as the contract finishes and starting a new one. 

Many companies, understandably don't want to lose you and will offer you a really good deal, but will tie you into another contract for a certain term. 

Avoid Bank Charges

I know this is hard, and this is a rabbit hole that I always fall down. But every time you go overdrawn in your bank, you end up paying bank charges. Try to get the bills to come out on the day you get paid, then money goes in the bank and straight to pay the bills. 

Shop Around

Don't buy things from the first place that you visit. You will always get it cheaper somewhere else. Last week Tilly wants a doll, She saw it in Asda and then we checked Argos, where it was £5 cheaper. Whenever I book a holiday, I always shop around because you can save a few hundred pounds.