5 Tips For New Bloggers

Are you a new blogger hoping to make it big--or at least get a few followers so that you know your writing isn’t just being thrown out into the avoid? If you are a new blogger hoping to improve your blog, consider the following 5 tips for new bloggers.

Tip #1: Post your content consistently

One of the most important things you can do as a new blogger is to post your content on a consistent basis. This allows your readers and potential subscribers to get a feel for when they should check back with your blog. Posting inconsistently means people will check less often since there is no guarantee on when you’ll post something new. A consistent schedule can be posting a new blog every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, or posting a new blog every Sunday night, and so on. If you need some ideas for blog posts, it's always good to look for short story ideas. These will help to give you inspiration to write. You never know if your life is similar to someone's story idea!

Tip #2: Build up a queue of posts so you don’t get overwhelmed

If you struggle to write something new on the days you plan to post, you’re not alone: most bloggers struggle to juggle blog posting with outside work, personal lives and obligations, chores and more. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, pick a day or two every week to write a few blog posts at once. Then queue up these posts so you don’t have to worry about them.

Tip #3: Promote your blog on social media

Social media can be great marketing for your blog. You should focus on one form of social media to use along with your blog; make sure it is a format that allows you to easily link to your blog, such as Twitter or Facebook so that you can direct people directly to your blog website. As with blogging, keep your social media as consistent as possible. This will encourage people to follow your account and increase your potential reader base.

Tip #4: Don’t get caught up in the numbers game

It can be easy to struggle with the numbers game when it comes to blogging. You might frequently check your number of followers or how many people have viewed your blog or how many comments a blog post received. Don’t get caught up in the trap of obsessing over numbers, especially if you find yourself getting discouraged when you don’t see the numbers you want. It’s fine to keep an eye on your numbers to see where you can make improvements, but don’t obsess over them.

Tip #5: Write what makes you happy

The final and most important tip: write what makes you happy! If you aren’t interested and passionate about what you write, you will quickly give up on your blog entirely. Make sure that what you're writing about is something that genuinely interests you so that you will have the motivation to keep it up.

If you are a new blog writer, make sure you utilize the above 5 tips.