5 reasons to be a good driver

Everyone on the road should be a good driver. But what does that mean? A good driver is alert, respectful of others and follows the rules. They abide by the speed limit and know what all the signs mean. They won’t put their own needs above others or sacrifice safety for convenience.

All drivers should be good drivers. Everyone passes a test before going on the road, and shouldn’t become complacent as soon as they lose their L plates. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Many people lose incentive. So, why should you aim to be a good driver? 


Being safe is the first and foremost reason to be a good driver. A lack of safety on the road could lead to accidents, injuries and even death. You might want to contact a lawyer if you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an accident (see this car accident lawyer serving Barrington, RI). By knowing the signs, abiding by the speed limit and driving safely, you reduce the risk of having an accident or hitting someone. If you do, the consequences will be less severe because you will have been following the law.

Car maintenance

Driving safely will keep your car in better condition for longer. Reckless driving, slamming the brakes and going over bumps quickly will cause wear and tear to your car, inevitably resulting in issues and faults. Keep your car looking new for longer by driving respectfully and being a good driver.

Environmental reasons

Cars aren’t great for the environment. They emit fumes that contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming. We all have to play our part in helping the environment, and being a good driver could do just that. By driving more smoothly and not slamming the brakes, you reduce the number of fumes that your car lets out, and therefore you reduce the damage to our planet.


Cost efficiency

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that driving badly could cause some unexpected costs. Car damages can lead to hefty repair costs, alongside any fines or tickets you receive for breaking the law. If you wear your car out quickly, you might have to get it replaced. Saving money is a good incentive to drive better. The money you save could be spent on a vacation or an exciting new gadget.

Influencing others

How can you expect other people to drive respectfully if you don’t do so yourself? If you give way to other drivers, abide by the speed limit and stop for pedestrians, other drivers will, too. By being a good influence and treating people right, they will do the same. Many people believe that good deeds are cyclical. So, take control of the roads in your neighbourhood and set the precedent.

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