Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home



With more and more people desiring a warmer natural feel to their home surroundings, it is only a natural choice that vinyl flooring is the option with the most benefits on variety, cost, installation and low maintenance.

A popular choice is for the look and feel of wooden flooring but without the hassle of the real thing. Vinyl offers a full replication of a wooden floor with a guarantee of security over the real thing.

Light vs. Dark

Dark wood doesn’t mean that your room will look dull. As a matter of fact, it adds a level of mood and style to your room that gives a feel of warmth and sophistication. Visitors to your home will be impressed and amazed by the gleam and would not be able to distinguish the difference from the real thing.

A light wood look will brighten up the room and give a classic feel for those wanting to embrace their outdoor lifestyle within the home, without the need to sand down and fix any chippings in a real wooden flooring.

Matching your Fixtures

The pure array of tones and designs available offer you the opportunity to have it your way and match with existing wood themed furniture within the home, be it tables, doors or seating.

Having a matching theme for the existing furniture throughout the house gives a feel of completeness and consistency and shows you take pride in your home. With ‘click’ based vinyl you have the option of having it manufactured to size avoiding those tricky corners and fixtures.

No Rotting Wood

Whether coming in from the rain or spilling a glass of water, your floor is safe from water damage due to waterproof properties ensuring that no water will seep underneath. With moisture resistance as well as anti slip properties, you can easily clean the spillages and footprints in seconds leaving the floor as good as new.

Also, with scratch guard and stain resistance, you can rely on your vinyl flooring looking like new every day and is easily maintained with a quick dust or hoover. No more covering up those areas of the floor with an embarrassing gash across your tile.

No fear of rotting wood or having to replace entire sections of a floor. In fact, should you want or need to replace any section, its as simple as pulling up a single tile or plank and replacing with a quick click back into place with a replacement without the need for large amounts of the flooring being removed.

All Year Round

Through humidity and drops in temperatures, vinyl flooring does not suffer from changes in seasonal weather.

Through winter months it is a perfect partner to sustain underfloor heating for those cold nights in. During the summer months even the hottest days will not cause tiles to raise or come undone with hot temperatures, meaning that all year around your floor keeps the appearance and style you paid for.

With so many different variations to layer in your home, you have countless tones and palettes to choose from to get the feel just right. With Amtico, dark wood luxury vinyl is a specialty when it comes to flooring, where you can test samples such as Abstract, Form and Amtico Signature Woods. Another specialist source is Luvanto, offering versatile ranges in pattern designs such as Parquet and Harringbone for a vibrant and stylish feel.

With so much to choose from and so many benefits to a home with vinyl flooring, you may be spoilt for choice but you’ll never be lost in the woods.

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