The Things I learned In Lockdown

We are going through a really strange time in our life, something is happening that has never happened before. We are history in the making and it is a different experience for everyone. Staying in is the new best thing! So I took a look at what I have started to notice in lock down in the UK. Luckily I am in lockdon with Tilly and Kim .

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How Self Entitled, Selfish And Judgy People Are Getting

I never realised that people think you owe them for everything in their life. People have become selfish and think they are more important than you are. I work in retail and I have been spoken to like a piece of dirt, many times. But I smile and carry on, until I get home and cry.

People are quick to judge others too. I took Tilly to the Pharmacy on Friday to get my medication. Medication I rely on to keep me straight through this crisis. But because I had taken Tilly with me, I was judged by someone. It upset because I am a single mum and I had no option. I would never put her in harms way and she hadn’t even been to town in about 5 or 6 weeks. Sometimes you need to be kind, instead of judging.
How Unimportant Material Things Are

Who cares about having the latest television or a top of the range food blender when you’re fighting an invisible virus. People are realising material things don’t matter when you are trying to get through this very strange times. What matters more is looking out for each other. Its definitely one of the things to notice in lock down.
People On Minimum Wage Deserve The Greatest Respect

I’m not adding this because I am on minimum wage, but people who were classed as unskilled workers, are suddenly at the fore front of keeping the country going. Not so unskilled now, so maybe it’s time to look at the minimum wage and offer these people a proper living wage. We need to stop these people living in poverty because they are real heroes.
People Are Selfish Panic Buyers

I ended up in tears many times since this all started, because I couldn’t get any food shopping. I was going to the supermarket after a 7 hour shift and crying because I couldn’t buy food. Yet you would see people earlier in the day, leaving the supermarket with trolleys of shopping and piles of loo roll. Yes they may have had a big family. But that would only be a small percentage of the shoppers. So many families went hungry because of this.

Friends Are Really Good At Looking Out For Each Other.

It feels good to keep up with your friends. I have seen so many friends partying on Zoom and other party apps. It’s nice that you all look out for each other like this. It shows true friend ships. I have had a few messages through Facebook from friend just doing a mental health check up. It means the world to me. I have received parcels through the post from friends too.

You Can Hear The Wildlife.

It’s so nice to be able to wake up to hear the birds singing, instead of hearing lorries and buses going past my house. The birds are so much nicer. I am loving seeing the photo’s on social media of peacocks in streets and deer in the streets of London. It’s just how it should be.

The World Is Repairing Itself

It is so good to see the canals of Venice are clear again. The streets of London don’t have so much smog and crap because less people are travelling. Although there are still flights, there are less. This is helping with climate change and repairing the world. There are less cars on the road, so this is also helping with environmental change. The world needed a breather and this is it!

Kids Don’t Knock On My Door

I love this! I am not a people person, so this is one of my favourite things that I notice in Lock down! I don’t have to get up and answer the door every five minutes because a different kid has knocked for Tilly!
Binge Watching Has Increased

Oh My God! I have really lost days because I am binge watching through the days. I bring my duvet down, I sit there in my pyjamas and unbrushed hair. Not knowing what day it even is. And just watch things for hours on end. I lost touch with Reality and get drawn into what ever I am watching.

Saving Money By Not Shopping

So we are not going shopping to browse (or so we shouldn’t be). So I am saving money. Or so I like to think. I am still spending more money on my supermarket shopping because people are still panic buying the cheap food and it’s only expensive food left on the shelf. And my bathroom door handle broke, so I’ve had to buy a new one. But needs must and it’s a good time to get DIY done. I haven't spent money on Travel!

What Are The Things You Noticed About Lock Down?

Everybody is noticing different things about lock down, everybody seems to be in their own little world at the moment. Trying to get through the crisis as best we can and waiting to come out the other side.

So what have you noticed since we officially went into lock down?