Ways To Save Money When You Travel

Although it looks as though there are going to be no holidays for the foreseeable future. It is the perfect time to be looking at holidays and finding ways to save money when you travel, we travel  a lot and we ALWAYS look for the cheapest way to do it. So we want to share some of our tips today on saving money as you travel. Looking to put together a cheap holiday, can be so much fun because it is a challenge to get it cheaper than other websites. All money that you can save, can go towards buying extras and for using for holiday cash.

Use An Airline Comparison Site

Sometimes if i'm looking for a flight only, I will just type in EVERYWHERE for a destination on Skyscanner, and then choose the cheapest place to go. I have found some great destinations by doing this. You can get flights for less than £10 and then book your accommodation separately. But be careful because if anything happens to cancel flights, you won't be covered by ATOL.

Search For Weekend Break Deals Online

With their being a huge internet to look for deals, it is easier to find a website where you can compare deals and also read peoples experiences of places that they have visited. Not only do you read the first hand encounters of somewhere that you want to go. But you also get to see their own photos. TravelScoop has some great travel deals, travel experiences and competitions. How better to save money on travel, than winning a holiday somewhere. When you have used an online website to book holidays, you will never use a high street one again.

Split Flights

If you use a holiday booking website, you get the option to split your flights. Then the flights are often cheaper and you can visit a city that you have never visited before. Recently whilst looking for a flight to Antalya from London. The flights were £500 each. But if I took a flight with a 16 hour stop over in Moscow, then the flight was £250 each. Moscow is a place that I have always wanted to visit. I could have booked a flight with a stop over in Istanbul - one of my favourite cities. But I opted for a stop over in Oslo as it was 65% cheaper than a direct flight at £200 each. It mean't a nice little stop over and a visit to a city, we haven't been to.

Book Tickets In Advance

Always book any coach or train tickets in advance, this way you will get the cheapest tickets. The cheaper tickets are released early and as soon as they are gone, you will end up paying more. This works for plane tickets too. You always find tickets fluctuating in price, this is because the cheap ones sell out as soon as they go live. You can choose a cheap flight for £5, but if you are slow whilst choosing seats and paying for the tickets, the flight could become unavailable because someone got in there first. If you can't get a cheap ticket for a group of you, try to book tickets separately because although a few of you might be going, there might only be 2 or 3 tickets available at a discount.

Take Out Travel Insurance

Yes, this could be a cost to you. But in the long run it works out to save you A LOT of money. Only last year my 9 year old daughter was rushed to hospital in Turkey due to catching Rotavirus from the hotel that we stayed in. It was such a scary time but the bill was settled straight away. The hospital told me that the overnight stay in the hospital alone would cost me £500. Then there are tests and treatment on top of that. Paying £50 for a yearly policy is worth the money. I use Post Office travel insurance, and recommend them to everyone I know.

Pre - Order Travel Money

Pre ordering money is so easy. You go online and order through someone like Moneycorp and arrange to collect it from the airport or place of departure. You do pay a little extra for this but its usually £4.99 and you get a better rate. Recently on a trip to Holland, many places were offering Euro's at a rate of £100 - 105.00 But Moneycorp offered the rate at £100 - 115.00. We changed up about £253.00 for 300.

Book Airport Connections Yourself

This is easily done and its cheaper than booking through your airline website or hotel website. You will get the same airport connection company as you would get if you booked to go through your airline website, travel company or hotel. But you get them at a better price because you are cutting out the middle man. 

These are only a few tips on saving money on travel, of course there are so many more ways to save money and we would love to hear them in the comments below. 

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