Make the most of your time – make a photo book

Make the most of your time – make a photo book

When you love travelling and seeing new places and people, you’re likely to take some souvenirs back home with you. For some that means keychains, others collect postcards, and a few people pick up t-shirts or other pieces of clothing on their trips as a reminder. But there isn’t one person that returns home without a large collection of photos. We really have our mobile phones and fantastic new camera models to thank for that. We can take more and better photos wherever we go nowadays. The thing is that while those photos are beautiful and great reminders of special times, on our phones, computers, and other data storage devices they just can’t show their full potential. Especially in times like these, when we’re looking for something good to do with the increased time we spend at home, we can give those photos a chance to really shine. All we need is a good project such as a travel photo book. But how do you get started and how do you make sure your photo book is a success? Let’s have a look.

The book or the brand?

Just like the chicken and the egg, there are different approaches to what comes first when creating a photo book. Many have a specific brand they love and trust. Those who don’t, often find that finding the right choice for their project is not an easy task at all. The problem is that each and every brand has its own advantages and set of great books. Clicking from site to site takes time and it’s hard to keep an overview. Instead, I find it more convenient and efficient to look at websites that present a variety of UK photo book brands and their portfolio. That way, you get all the information at one glance. Often, you also get information on special offers as well so you can save some money on your project.

Taking the first step

The best way to get started with the actual design of a photo book actually has little to do with the software. To make things easy for yourself, you should get your photos organised first and make a choice which photos you’d like to use. That way, the design of the photo book with any one of the brands will be so much easier. As an added bonus, you can delete unwanted or low-quality photos and end up with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Once you have hand-picked your photo selection, you can simply upload the folder with the pictures and get started with the fine-tuning.


We all know a photo book is more than a collection of photos printed on some pages. That’s why it’s usually not enough to place your photos into the chosen template. Even though the brands make it possible to automatically arrange pictures by date, colour scheme, or even using artificial intelligence, this is the time for your eye for detail. The most important thing when designing your photo book is keeping a good balance between style and minimalism. With too many decorations, backgrounds, and flourishes, your book will get crowded and may appear unorganised. At the same time, you can really compliment your photos with the right styles and decorations. A safe way to keep things beautiful is to stick to one style and design – that doesn’t mean one type of background but rather the same style of background or colour scheme. Switching from a striped to a dotted background, for example, can be quite a strain on the eye and distracts from the real stars of your photo book – your travel photos. 

Telling a story

It may seem easy to forget, but adding text to a photo book can make quite the difference. That may mean full pages full of stories, similar to a diary entry, or just little anecdotes, quotes, or descriptions. Basically, you’re complimenting your photos and rounding off the travel photo book. A picture may say more than a thousand words, but sometimes a picture doesn’t tell the whole story. With text you can make the story complete.

All this time we have now is perfect for starting projects that we’ve been putting off for a while. A photo book is the perfect choice as you can enjoy it for years to come. It’s also nice to look back on wonderful memories – alone or with the family or friends.

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