How To Find Emergency Childcare

When you are a working parent, childcare can be a nightmare at the best of times. But with the current situation and schools being closed it can be even tougher for us working parents. Whilst lots of working parents have been sent home because they don't do a job that can be done from home. Lots of parents have to work from their home office to keep the country going. I have friends who work in call centres and the are now working from home. That leads to the problem of childcare!

Whilst schools are still open for key workers who have no alternative childcare arrangements, it is not an ideal situation because they can only take a few children because of the social distancing that we are all doing at the moment. And if you are not a key worker but you are choosing to work from home to help your workplace tick over, then you're not allowed to send your child to school. Have you ever tried having a Zoom meeting, with a child constantly asking for snacks?

Finding Childcare

What happens if you need short term or emergency childcare in the current situation? We can't rely on friends because they have their own kids home and they may well be self isolating to protect themselves. You can't rely on grandparents because we don't want them at risk, because they are the highest age risk to catch Covid-19. So what are your options?

You could carry on and try to get your work done with kids in the background, but in reality this doesn't work. Even with teenagers, they still want to get your attention all of the time. My own daughter is 10 and still disturbs me every few minutes to get my attention. It is as difficult for them as it is for us at the moment.

You can find emergency or short term childcare to help you out. Although the schools are closed, there are still child carers out there that are working to help the working parents get by. Searching online for a registered and qualified childcare is easier than you could ever think. By going online to you can set up a profile and search for local childcare providers that are working at the moment.

There are reviews from the people who have used the service previously and you can find reviews on a certain child care provider too. Then you can use the secure chat on the website to chat to the childcare provider and explain your needs for child care. The website is used by over 2 million people to find permanent or short term childcare, so that in itself is a testimonial for the platform.

You can find any kind of child care on the website. From occasional babysitters that are stepping up to help parents that are working from home to permanent nanny's, nursery's. Who knows, you might find a child carer as emergency cover and stick with them for the next 5 years.

Providing Childcare

If you are a teacher or experienced child carer and you have suddenly found yourself out of work recently, you can also use the website to register and offer childcare to parents that are looking for  short term help. You can register as a childminder, if you are qualified and registered or as a nanny or babysitter to do occasional or regular work. 

Its easy to do, you simply register with the website as a childcare provider and set up a profile highlighting what childcare you offer and what times you are available. So if you have free time on your hands, then you could really help a parent that's trying to work from home at the moment. 

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