Ten Ways To Soothe Your New Baby

It's not going to be long before I am a grandma! My granddaughter is due in March and I am most excited. It is so exciting to have a new member joining our family and we haven't had a baby in the family for so long.

As a mother-in-law, I am always conscious of not overstepping the mark and being pushy or offering advice when it not welcome. Things change over the years and things that worked for me as a mum 27 years ago, maybe outdated and advised against nowadays. Although I used the same techniques when Tilly was born nearly 10 years ago.

But I got my thinking cap on and thought, maybe I could create some advice blog posts that could not only help Zach and Amber in their journey as a new mum. But also other new parents with a new baby.

This blog post is all about ways to make your baby feel secure and how to soothe them. When your baby is tiny, it is difficult to understand what they are crying about. Your baby has been tucked up in your tummy for 9 months and now suddenly they are out in the wide world. So it can be unsettling for them, but there are ways you can soothe your baby. When Tilly was a baby, she used to settle really well with a cardigan that I had. She would put her fingers through the holes and play with the holes on the cardigan. Whenever I went out to work, I would try and leave my cardigan with her. Sometimes I would spray it with my perfume before I went out or I would wear it for a few hours before I left it with her so that she had my smell. It helped her to feel like I was close.

I have asked some other bloggers to contribute some tips too. Its always good to have a wide range of advice and tips to get you through the first few months. You can read a little more of their blogs by clicking on their name.

Janice says  White noise is helpful for soothing your new baby. It helps babies to feel secure as it is similar to the noise that they heard in the womb. My daughter would stop crying almost instantly when I turned it on. It also helped her to settle to sleep and to sleep for longer periods.

Hannah  says All three of my girls absolutely loved to be upright on my shoulder and bobbed around the room. My 2nd and 3rd babies didn't take a dummy so we relied on the bouncer and us bobbing gently to get them to sleep. To make them all feel safe and secure I coslept with all my girls until they were around 5months. I also used a slightly (only very slightly) heavier blanket to drape over their legs when they were in the bouncer because they got awfully fidgety legs and woke themselves up fidgeting.

Vicki says For me, it was simply cuddling them whenever they wanted or needed it. My daughters had both spent extra time inside me (being 11 and 16 days late), so probably didn't want to part from me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with cuddling. I breastfed most of the time too, so offering them comfort through that really helped. Knowing that I was there with them all the time really helped and we are still so close 7 and 4 years on. 

Eddie says All 3 of my daughters were all different in their own ways to how and what they liked to soothe and settle them. My eldest now 9yo, she never took to a dummy, but found solace in lullabies and being warm and snug. Wrap her in a blanket and she was happy as Larry and would soon settle and be fast asleep. My now 4yo was somewhat opposite, she liked the lullabies but more the freedom of not been wrapped up, If we ever had a rough night with her, a dummy, lullabies and soft running of fingertips up and down her back and side worked wonders. My youngest daughter who is now 1yr, the most comforting thing for her and still is when she's unsettled or teething, especially when she's tired was having her bum patted gently, the gentle pat and rocking motion in your arms or lap or in her crib used to help massively to help her to sleep. She also loves a snuggly type teddy and blanket. 1 In particular that she won't be without even now.

Jo Says  About 3 days after birth my little girl had jaundice. She needed to be put under lights for hours and I was told that I could only take her out of the cot to feed. She was getting very upset (and so was I) so we used the old nighties that I had worn to keep tucked around her so that perhaps my warmth and scent would make her a little more secure whilst I couldn’t hold her. When I did feed her I did as much skin to skin as I possibly could.

Nikki says I would say just hold them as much as possible. They just want to be near you and held by you, just sit on the sofa and cuddle as much as possible! If you are on the move put them in a sling so they can feel and smell you and hear your heartbeat. Ignore any 'well-meaning relative' who says you 'are spoiling them'!

Katie Says I always found that baby would sleep well in my arms but wake as soon as I put them back down in their crib. I quickly realised the crib felt cold compared to being laid on me so I would lay a hot water bottle on the crib mattress while I was breastfeeding. Just before finishing the feed I'd take the hot water bottle off and once the mattress was cool enough to be warm but not too warm I laid the baby back down and hey presto they stayed asleep. It was an absolute godsend and complete game-changer in those early days when I was feeling exhausted!

Eilidh Says Lots of skin to skin in the early days and never be worried you are cuddling them too much. If you haven't already got one, see if you can borrow a stretchy sling they are really comfortable and lovely to keep your baby close. Have a watch on YouTube to get to grips with tying it. You can even put it on you before a car journey and then just pop your baby in once you reach your destination.

Tina says With two kids soothing them was a must have otherwise i would not be the person i am today, there are a few things iIdid when they were newborn and things to this day i still do which is skin to skin contact great when your breastfeeding and if you are breastfeeding 9/10 times you will get used as a dummy, patting their bum while making shushing noises and all these things still work on my two year old

You and your baby will find a way to settle when she is here. But if your child settles with a certain toy or blanket, I would go out and buy a few more. Then you can always have one in the wash and one with the baby.