9 excellent tips to save money on kid’s clothes

It costs tons of money to raise children. You need to buy clothes, toys, and food for your children.
Kid’s clothes can be a massive part of your budget. Kids grow up so fast and outgrow their clothes quickly. The clothes they wear only a few times might not fit next season. Today I’m going to talking about how to save money on kid’s clothes. You’ll save lots of money on kids clothes after reading this article.

Let’s dive right in!

1, Shop in the off-season

A new season is coming doesn’t mean it’s time to buy clothes for the upcoming season. Instead, it’s time to shop for off-season clothes. Stores will launch a large number of popular styles at the end of this season and put the trendy clothes of the upcoming season in the show window. However, in order to avoid piling up inventory, stores will have a sale on this season’s clothes. Smart parents buy kid’s clothing at off-season. Walk into a kid’s clothing store, ignore the clothes in the show window (Yes, they’re attractive!), and go straight to the clearance rack. Make sure to buy a larger size! Children grow up so fast and outgrow their clothes quickly. If you don’t buy a larger size, your children probably outgrow these clothes and even not wear them once. If your children are developing, buy a much larger size!

2, Ignore Collections

Children boutique clothing stores usually group their latest styles right at the show window or at the front of the store. They can easily catch your eyes, and you’ll see all the different pieces together.
Sometimes you only want to buy a shirt for your child, but because it group with a pair of pants, and they look great together, you buy jeans, too. You come home, find out that your child doesn’t need this pair of pants because your child doesn’t care if you buy a shirt or a collection. If your child needs a shirt, go ahead and buy it but ignore the pants in the collection. Please do not buy anything only because it looks good or it’s cheap, ignore collections. Even if it’s on sale, don’t buy clothes that your children don’t need.

3, Ask family and friends for clothes

My cousin’s son was only a year older than my boy, and she’s not going to have more children, so she gave me all her son’s clothes. Well, when you have your first child, you may want your child to wear new clothes. However, when you have more than one child, you’ll naturally let the younger one wear hand-me-down clothes. Children don’t care if they wear new clothes when they’re very young. What matters is comfort and health. Some of the clothes she gave me are brand new because her son outgrows these clothes quickly.

4, Swaps with friends

Not everyone is as lucky as I am, having a family who keeps giving me clothes. No worries. We have more tips. It is a pity that your children outgrow clothes which they wear only a few times.
 Some people let their younger children wear hand-me-down clothes or sell them to Consignment stores. Swap clothes with family or friends is a great way to save money on kids clothing. Not only do we get the most value out of clothes that our kids outgrow, but we also get a lot of surprises.
You can organize your own clothing swap group. Recruited some of your mom friends and to gather together every season. You host it, or the moms in the take turn hosting. Check carefully to make sure you get clothes in good condition.

5, Hand-me-down

Let your younger children wear hand-me-downs is the easiest way to save money on kid’s clothing. You don’t need to do any social things. It all happens in your home. There’s no problem if you have two boys or two girls. Take good care of the outgrown clothes of your older children and leave them to the younger ones. If you have children of different genders, then you need to buy gender-neutral clothes because your younger son may not like the bowknot on the jeans. Or you can choose the second tip, swap your older child’s clothes and get clothes for the younger ones.

6, Sell clothes

Take your children’s outgrown clothes to consignment shops to resell is also a good way to save money on kid’s clothing. After selling what we don’t need, you can use the money to buy new clothes. Also, you can sell clothes you don’t need on eBay. You need to take more work if you want to sell clothes online. You need to take decent photos of each of your clothes and price them out individually. Good pictures catch our eyes and make it easier to sell your items. Then you need to post your items and answer questions from potential buyers. The entire process can take several days.

7, Shop Secondhand

Well, you may feel not good to shop for secondhand clothes for your children. You can start by buying holiday special clothes. How many times do you think your kids wear Easter and Halloween costumes? If you become comfortable with used clothes, then you can start to buy other clothes.
The prices in the consignment are a little higher stores than thrift stores. You can find high-quality brands in consignment stores. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get cloth in good condition in thrift stores. Check out both of them. Look at items carefully. Are they clean, are they gently used?

8, Buy a size bigger.

Don’t forget to buy a bigger size for your children. Your children grow up so fast. They outgrow many of their clothes which they only have worn a few time. So you need to buy a size bigger, which is a great way to save money. The longer they wear, the more money you save.

9, Preserve your clothes well

Last but not least, preserve your clothes well can save money on kid’s clothes. You want to take your clothes to the consignment stores to resell. You can’t get a high price if your cloth is not in good condition. You want to swap clothes with your friends, and if your clothes aren’t in good condition, who’ll swap whit you? It will help if you tell your children to protect their clothes while playing. Also, you can buy them some inexpensive paly clothes and put your children on play clothes while they’re playing. When you wash your children’s clothes, you should use gentle detergents. Don’t dry your clothes all the way.

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