Getting a roof replacement? Common FAQs

While it might not be at the forefront of the mind when purchasing a home, over the length of most mortgages the lifespan of the property’s roof is likely to become in issue. And with full roof replacements one of the most expensive, essential home improvements a homeowner will ever face, it’s important to know where you stand before shelling out on a new one. Here are 5 common questions, answered, to get you started.

How long will a new roof last?
Your new roof should come with some form of warranty, which can be anything from 10 to 30 years in length. However, the overall lifespan of a new roof could be much longer. note that the lifespan of many modern roofing materials ranges from 60 to 100 years – but that’s assuming proper maintenance, care, and a lifespan free from unforeseen accidents. 
However, what you can be sure of is that by routinely checking your roof for damage, once or twice every year, and addressing any issues immediately, that it is almost certain to last for the duration of your mortgage.
What is the cost of a roof replacement?
The cost of an entire new roof will vary, depending on the size of the property, the materials used, the contractor performing the installation, and any extras included such as chimney repointing, and replacement fascias and soffits. 
As a ball park figure, you should expect to pay at least £5000 for a new roof in the UK, which is why it’s worth shopping around for several quotes before deciding on the right option for you. 
How can I know for sure that my roof needs replacing?
Without a gaping hole letting sunlight into your attic, it can be tough to know for sure that you’re in desperate need of a new roof. And you may be particularly sceptical if you’ve called a contractor round to take care of a minor problem – only to find that you’re looking at an entire new roof.
This is where it can be really handy to have a pal who works as a professional roofer, or at least in the domestic building trade. If you don’t have someone in your contacts, however, then ask around for a reliable name, check if your warranty is still valid, and, as advised on, make sure you always get a second opinion on any assessment.
Will my insurance pay for a new roof?
This is another area where it pays to properly maintain your roof over time. If your roof is under warranty or less than 10 years old, and a replacement is required, then you may be in luck. However, if your roof is older than this, and hasn’t been properly looked after, you could be looking at footing the bill yourself.
In the event that your roof has been significantly damaged by a storm, fire, or other event that was completely out of your control, you should also be covered. If you’re unsure where you stand with your home insurance, it’s well worth taking a look at your policy, ASAP, even if your roof appears to be completely healthy.
How do I choose the right contractor to replace my new roof?
As above, the best place to start, if this is your first foray into the world of roofing, is to ask your immediate family and closest friends for recommendations. Failing any useful advice, however, you’ll have to venture into the world of local advertisements and Google searches.
Bear in mind that you don’t need to settle on a single roofing contractor immediately. It’s wise to ‘shop around’, ask several contractors to provide you with quotes, and take some time to choose the right option for you. Regardless of your location, you should have no problem finding a reputable, reliable company, such as durham roofing experts Findley, who operate across the North East.

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