A happy, content and successful life - 5 ways to prepare your kids for their future

I think it’s safe to say that every parent wants what’s best for their children. We work hard so they can have the things they want, we comfort them when they have nightmares and make them feel better when they’re sick. Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual, with most of us simply get by with trial and error, an abundance of love and plenty of hope, but when it comes to preparing your kids for their future, there are some positive steps you can take.

Parenthood is a difficult balancing act, especially when you throw work and other responsibilities into the mix. So, to help you out, I've gathered 5 ways you can prepare your kids for their future and help them to lead a happy, content and successful life.

Teach them about money

Your children must make positive financial decisions as they grow. That way they won't get into debt and they'll have half a chance of owning their own home and having financial security. You can give them the guidance they need by setting a good example. Introduce your child to the world of saving through stocks and shares ISAs - show them the importance of budgeting and how hard work really does pay off. While you’re at it, warn them away from credit cards and payday loans!

Be a happy parent

Easier said than done, right? But it's been proven that happy parents raise happy children. If you allow small inconveniences to ruin your day and evoke a strong, negative reaction from you, then your children will only follow by your example. If you take care of yourself and your relationships then your children will want to do the same. Try to highlight the stressors and make some positive changes to your own life so your children can grow up to be as happy and as content as you are.

Don’t do everything for them

Teaching your children the importance of hard work and the responsibility of tasks and roles at home will make their transition into adulthood much smoother. If you constantly do these little tasks for them, then they'll always assume that someone else will pick up their slack. Teaching them the value of hard work from a young age will show them how important accountability and even teamwork is to get things done.

Give them healthy habits

Children will always follow their parent’s example. So, if you like to eat tubs of ice cream in front of the TV and resist exercise at every opportunity then they’ll do the same. If you smoke or drink heavily then your children are also likely to imitate these habits. Give your child healthy habits that they can take with them throughout their adult life, give them a healthy, balanced diet, move more and make sure they know it’s ok to treat yourself now and then!


Bottled up emotions, stress and anxiety are all things that can affect your children too. Teaching them the importance of communication and the ability to talk about their feelings will help them have a strong relationship with their mental health and they’ll be more likely to talk about their problems.