Choosing A Reliable And Trustworthy Car Dealer

Buying a used car is often the only affordable way to get on the road. But you really should research the car before you buy it. After all, you don't want to end up with a car that is prone to breakdowns and spends more time with a mechanic than it does with you. But there are a few things that you need to think about before buying a car. Especially if you are using it to transport your family around in or if you are travelling long distances all of the time.

Even buying a used car that is a year old, you save a lot of money compared to a new one because they lose so much value as soon as you drive a brand new one off the forecourt. But with car salespeople trying to sell a used car, you need to make sure you are making a good purchase and not buying something they need to get rid of. Here are some tips for what to check, when you are buying a used car.

Find A Reliable Car Dealer.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues who they buy their used cars from and get recommendations. If they buy them from eBay or Marketplace, ask for some tips and ask them to help you find one. But please remember with buying a car from an online website like eBay or Marketplace, you don't have as much protection as buying from a used car dealership. If things go wrong for you with the car, you don't have the legal back up. 

You need to know what kind of car you are looking for. Do lots of online research on cars and think about what you need from your car. Do you need a big boot to fit a pram and shopping in? Does it need to be eco-friendly? Do you need to travel long distances or short ones? KAP Motors offers Nissan Qashqai used cars for sale at amazing prices. And you can get what you want at an affordable price. 

Ask About History Of The Car 

Has it been in an accident? Are there any dents that could cause future rust and other problems? Check for Scratches too. Also, check for any damage or gaps in the car panels, this is a sign of repairs after an accident. Get down on your hands and knees and check up close for dents and scratches. Check underneath the car and if your gut instinct is telling you not to buy the car - then walk away.

See how many owners the car has had and how many miles the car has done in its lifetime. Has the car been serviced and MOTed recently? If it is due, then it is another imminent expense that you don't need. 

Check The Additional Costs

You will need to buy insurance to cover yourself against theft and accidents. It is illegal to drive a car without insurance. So you need to price up the correct premium for your car and make sure you are covered from the moment you collect your used car. Different cars will cost different prices on your insurance policy. Your age is also taken into consideration. 

If the MOT is due, you could find that expensive, If it has almost been a year since the MOT, then there could be problems with the car that will cost to fix. 

When you are checking the car over, make sure you check everything works. You don't want to be driving a car away without checking everything from the air conditioning to the seatbelts work and the lights to the radio. This can be an inconvenience and expensive if you don't check it before you buy. 

Check the tyres, you need to check there is enough tread on them and they are safe to drive otherwise four new car tyres in an expense, you might have to cover.

Get All The Car Essentials

Make sure you are given the following things because you will need some of them to prove you own the car and that you bought it from that salesperson.
  • The logbook proves the car now belongs to you. 
  • Get a sales contract that is dated and signed by you both. Check the details are correct and read any small print. 
  • Get a car key and a spare one too.
  • You need a service record, to make sure you know the cars service history
  • Get a car manual for any small problems with the car, that you can fix. 
  • Make sure there is a spare tyre in the boot, you don't want to be caught out when you get a flat. 
Buying a new car for yourself and your family is an exciting thing and you don't want anything to go wrong with it. But hopefully, the above tips will help you.