Winter Nail Trends You Need To Try!

Winter comes with so many beautiful colours – from the deep reds, oranges and purples you associate with sunrise in the morning, to the crisp blues, silvers and whites when the frost bites. When it comes to your nails, it’s super easy to match your nail polish and nail art to this chilly and festive season

Going for gold

Whether you’re happy to go big and bold or would prefer to sparkle in a more muted way, there are so many options for adding sparkle to the tips of your fingers. Why not paint your nails with a simple ombre French manicure and dress up the design with a dusting of glitter? It’s a sure fire way of adding a touch of luxury to a plain design. 

Neutral but nice

If you’re more of a neutral gal, why not opt for lilac or dusty pink hue and add an accent nail to your index or ring finger with a cute festive design. This way you get the best of both worlds! Think tiny intricate snowflakes or little Christmas stars.

Bold red holiday nails

Is bold more your thing? Why not go all out with some red festive nails! Decorate your fingertips with tiny little reindeer, cheeky elves or Santa and some presents. You’re sure to impress everyone with your beautifully designed, rocking red nails. 

White & gold vs. nude and silver

Ah, the gold or silver debate. Whichever one you prefer, both trends are set to be big over the Christmas period. Plus, these two designs will see you through to New Year too! There are a number of ways you can nail both trends; either alternate one plain and one glittery or maybe even make the tips of your manicure sparkle. Whether you’re on the side of gold or silver, both designs will look perfect next to your Christmas and New Year party outfits. 

Statement marble

For this trend you have to be dedicated to keeping up with your nails as if you let this design grow out, it can look odd. Black and white marble nails are incredibly stylish and sophisticated if done well. Want to add a bit of wow? Why not ask your nail technician to add little dabs of gold leaf too.

However you dress your nails this season, there are plenty of trends and designs to keep you going, even if you want to change them multiple times throughout!

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