Spotting Signs That Your Child Needs a Tutor

There’s no shame in hiring a private tutor to support your child through their exams. In fact, it’s a great way to help them, not only academically, but on a more personal level. A tutor is essentially another role model for your child. Lots of parents look into private tuition for their kids during the GCSEs and A Levels when they are under more pressure to succeed and the subjects become more of a challenge. You might not realise at first that your child could use the help of a tutor, which is a why a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire have put together the following information on the signs that parents should look out for.

Bad grades are possibly the most obvious sign your child could use a little extra help, especially if it’s more than just a one off. You should also keep an eye on your child when they’re doing their homework. If they tend to get confused a lot, even with your help, they might not properly understand the topic. In this case, they will need to be taught it again until they grasp it.

If you notice your child tries to put off doing their school work and avoids going to school altogether, it might be because they’re finding it quite overwhelming and they’re possibly embarrassed about it. However, they might also be avoiding school for a completely different reason so don’t just to any conclusions. Instead, try and chat to your child in a one-to-one environment where they can be honest with you and open up about how their feelings. Try not to judge them or get mad, as this will discourage them and the trick is to get them to share.

Some children who are struggling at school have a drastic drop in their self-esteem because they’re not confident in class. If you have noticed this happen to your child, explain to them that you’re happy to get them the extra support, whilst also making a conscious effort to rebuild that lost confidence.