Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

When I started this blog, I never dreamed it would become the success that it is today. My own little corner of the internet now plays such a big role in my life and the lives of those I love! Have you ever considered starting a blog? There are lots of reasons why people try, whether they want an outlet; somewhere to express their emotions and opinions unchallenged or they want to offer advice on a particular subject. 

You might have your own reason, but just in case you were looking for a little more inspiration, check out my 4 wonderful reasons why you should start your own blog.

It boosts your writing skills

Maybe back at school or college your writing skills weren’t great, or maybe you just lacked a little confidence, well if you ever wanted a chance to practice writing and actually enjoy it then blogging is probably ideal for you. Not only will writing over time to improve your skills but you can also invest in proofreading software to assist you as well as guidance on APA citations and other references. Check out scribbr for the latest formats and styles. It's true that the more you write, the easier it becomes and if you’re hoping to apply for a new job in the future or pursue a new career then your new-found writing skills could make you stand apart. 

Blogging helps others

It’s true! Whether you’re blogging about your backpacking adventures and experiences, or how you built your own business from scratch, maybe you’re talking about the ups and downs of parenthood and touching upon your own struggles with mental health – whatever your blog topic is, it’s important to realise that your work could potentially be helping someone. Whether it’s direct advice like what to pack in your suitcase for a 3 week holiday in the Maldives to simply raising a smile for a reader who’s had a tough day. Never underestimate the power and the influence that your blog could have. 

Blogging is fun!

Simply put – yes! Blogging is fun! You can write freely and openly about your experiences, add some photographs, customise your blog to reflect your personality, add some fun graphics – you can decide where and what you want to do next and be completely in control with everything! 

You could make money

I’ll be the first to tell you that making money from your blog doesn’t happen overnight. To turn a blog into a lucrative way of making money takes a lot of time and huge amounts of dedication. However, the potential to earn money is there. If you’re consistent with your work and continue to produce high quality and engaging content then you could get the opportunity to review products from third parties and even sell advertising space on your blog.

Helpful advice

Blogging can also be a place where you offer advice if people are going through the same thing as you are. We have used our blog to share our experience of mental health and being a parent. Some other blogs that offer excellent advice are Kelly at Our Transitional Life, where she offers advice for the LGBT+ community and you can follow their transitional story. Erica at The Incidental Parent writes about advice for chronic illnesses and shares her experience with Crohn's disease. Jo at A Rose Tinted World shares her blog to spread the word about zero waste. Something we could all take a lesson from.

So, have you thought about starting your own blog? Has this list convinced you? Let me know in the comments below!