Should I Let My Child Have a Smart Phone

When Do You Let Your Child Have A Smart Phone?

Mobile phones can be great when used in the right way! You can keep in touch with anyone, anytime and anywhere! They can help you find out information while you are on the move, plan your journey, take photos of your adventures, keep track of appointments, watch TV or listen to an audiobook - the list is literally endless! Tilly has a phone and she has it to keep in touch with her brother, who lives in Holland as well as some of her friends. I want her to be able to phone her brother or her Nanny if there is a problem that she can't tell me about. Her phone doesn't have a sim in it and is used purely over the WIFI at home and if we get WIFI out of the house.

So if they are so amazing - should we let our children have one? This is a question that many parents ask themselves at one point or another and each family have a different point of view. An Independent secondary school in Marbella have written this blog to help you decide what is right for you and your child and whether you should let them have a smart phone.

What do they need it for?

Has your child recently started walking to school on their own and they need it to contact you? Or is the latest game or app all that they are interested in? When used in the right way mobile phones can be a great way to keep in touch with your children but if they are at an age that they are always supervised it may not be needed yet.

Do they look after their belongings?

Mobile phones are not cheap so you need to be able to trust your child to look after a smart phone and prevent it from getting damaged or lost.

How mature is your child?

Two children of exactly the same age can have entirely different maturity levels. It is important that you consider how responsible your child is rather than just their age. Tilly is 9 and I find her more mature than some of her friends but not so mature as others

Could it help to keep them safe?

Mobile phones have all kinds of tracking apps, call home services and emergency service triggers that could really help your child get out of a tricky situation. Simply having the ability to call a nearby friend or relative could make all the difference once they are allowed out and about without you.

Would you give your child a mobile phone?

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