How Can I Get Fertility Advice And Help?

When I was younger I conceived three beautiful children with no problem, but having three children in three years was hard work and as much as I loved them all, I wondered what it would be like to have a child later on in life. I always said that I would have one more child when I was older.

So that time came and I was 36 years old. The older kids were 17,15 and 14, and I knew it was time for a new baby. What I didn't take into consideration was that I was older now and it was going to be harder to conceive. I guess my time was running out! I was in a new relationship and we talked about having a baby and it meant a lot to both of us.

When I didn't get pregnant in the first month, I was slightly disappointed but knew it was still early days in getting pregnant. But every month when my period arrived bang on time, I cried a little. After 8 months, I went to the doctor for a chat and he said it was due to my age and that they would see what they could do to help the process. I was lucky to have an understanding doctor. Luckily, I got pregnant the next month and now I have Tilly who is 9 years old.

On 2nd November, it is World Fertility Day. This is the story of my struggle to get pregnant, but everyone has a different story and there are people out there to help you if you're struggling. You can get some more advice and find a direction to go to Concept Fertility There will be someone at hand to help you with your journey and they also produced an infographic for you.

world fertility day

Some couples aren't so lucky, many women leave having babies until later in life like I did with Tilly. After 35, your fertility drops dramatically and for men, after 40. There are millions of people across the world that struggle with conceiving and luckily there are so many ways of helping you get pregnant.

There are ways to help with conception, and we have some tips here to help.

Cut out alcohol - I stopped drinking altogether in the help of getting pregnant. It is better if both parents stop drinking.
Watch your weight - If you weigh too much or you don't weigh enough, then your chances of conceiving will be affected, I must admit that I started to eat a lot healthier when I started trying to get pregnant.
Stop Smoking - Toxins in your body will affect your chances of getting pregnant.
Take Supplements - Vitamins can help with your chances of getting pregnant, and also take some folic acid or supplements for helping to conceive.  
Relax - You can get really stressed and upset when you're trying to conceive, and when you don't get pregnant, it is upsetting. But take up meditation or yoga to help you relax. Also if you stress too much about conceiving, it can put too much stress onto a relationship.