Helping Your Child Reach their Creative Potential

How Can You help your child reach their creative potential?

Cultivating your child’s creative spark from a young age is very important for lots of reasons. Creative children often channel their emotions in a healthier way, they develop self-confidence and they have excellent problem-solving skills. I always encourage Tilly to be creative as it is a great way to express herself. Essentially, creativity is a quality important to social, emotional and professional development so child experts urge parents to foster their child’s creativity as much as possible. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some tips from an independent primary school in Spain. Start by limiting your child’s technology use so that they can experience unstructured playtime and develop their creativity. Technology can obviously be great at times, but you also need to encourage your child to get outside and explore their imagination. The great outdoors is a great learning environment for children and the fresh air, exercise and vitamin D is excellent for both physical and mental health. You might notice an improvement in overall attitude and behaviour if you cut screen time down a little.

You need to encourage curiosity in your child. If they ask you lots of questions, that’s great; don’t shut them down or give them blunt answers. Instead let them experiment and figure out the answers for themselves, which is sure to open up another set of questions. A curious child will have the necessary skills required to process information and come to conclusions on their own. Encourage your child to ask questions and explore things because it is an excellent way for not only the child to learn but sometimes for you too. It is a great way of doing something together and bond over.

If your child has an artistic nature, help them channel it. Art has actually been proven to reduce cortisol in the brain, which reduces the risk of anxiety, depression, headaches, memory impairment and lots of other mental and physical issues. It doesn’t even matter if your child is completely rubbish at art; just let them experiment and create freely, without judgement. This will give your child confidence because they will know you believe in them.

When children demonstrate an interest in something, it’s wise for parents to support this interest so that the child can reach their full potential and have fun while doing so.