Tips On Selling Your Car

Selling your car is a huge thing and you want to get the most amount of money for it that you can. You need to advertise it in the correct places (try Marketplace, Ebay, Shpock, local papers and your social media pages). You want to get the maximum amount of money that you can get because you need to put that back into another vehicle to get around and today we have some tips on how to make your car more sellable.

Be Honest About It

If there is something wrong with the car, then you need to be honest and tell the new buyer because they are going to find out about any problems later on down the line. It isn't going to be good for your reputation if you sell someone a car with problems. Think about who you are selling to - would you want to sell a car with problems to someone with a family? If you have had accidents, then be upfront and honest about them.

Make Sure It Smells Nice

Cars can start to smell stale or damp, especially if you accidentally leave windows open and it unexpectedly rains, then your car seats will get wet and that smell of damp lingers on and on. Grab an air freshener and pop it in the car a few days or weeks before the sale and it will add fragrance to it. You can get either a hanging card one like a tree or funny character or you can get one that will slot into your car air vent and the air coming into the car helps the fragrance to disperse. These air fresheners are usually made of liquid.  You can get good quality air fresheners at www.onlinecarparts.CO.UK.

Give It A Good Clean

Nobody wants to buy a dirty car so if you are going to sell it, make sure you have removed all of the kid's toys, hoovered the floor and wiped the surfaces down. This gets rid of all of the dirt and germs and makes the car more appealing.

Make Sure Everything Is Up To Date

Check the MOT, services and other paperwork is up to date, When was the last time you refilled the Aircon and had the tyres checked? All of these details will make it easier to sell the car because people don't want to have the hassle of having to get it sorted once they buy a car.

Be Positive About The Car

Find some really got positive selling points about the car. Make sure you mention the size of the boot to the buyer. If they are a young family, make sure you mention whether it fits a pram system in and whether the seats are big enough to fit three car seats in the back. If it is someone who travels a lot, mention that you can fit a tent and all other camping equipment in there. If you are enthusiastic about the car and point out the positives then you are more likely to sell it because your enthusiasm will rub off on your buyer.

All that is left to say now is to wish you the best of luck in your sale!

**collaborative post