Tips On Internet Dating

I have used the internet to date for a long time, in fact, it is how I met Tilly's dad. These days internet dating is the best way to meet people because we don't actually have time to go out and meet people. Also the only places that you can people meet are really at work when you are too busy or you can't talk to people you are attracted to. Or you can meet them in your downtime at the pub or a night club when you have all had a few too many drinks and you are falling all over each other.

With internet dating, you can browse peoples profiles and know exactly what type of person you are going to chat to and maybe go out on a date. Many dating sites are scary and you don't know what to say and how open you should be. Hopefully, some tips here can help you get on with an online dating site

Be Honest - Nobody wants to turn up on a date and see someone completely different to who they have been chatting to. One of my friends went on a date once and she asked the man to wait outside the pub, and when she arrived she drove around the car park and the bloke was completely different to his profile photo and looked 20 years older. Being honest means that you are starting on the right foot and you won't have people running away from the date.

Be Realistic - Don't exaggerate or expect too much from a date. If you want someone with a sports car and loads of money, then you are not going to find them on a free dating website or on Tinder. Have realistic expectations on who you will meet.

Don't Go On To Private Messenger - Everyone knows as soon as people ask to turn to messenger, then the conversation turns to sex and before you know it he is asking you to send nudes! If you don't feel comfortable with this, then don't go to messenger. Stay chatting through the dating website until you are both happy.

Completely Fill Out Your Profile - The temptation to skip through the profile section is high but always fill it in completely because you never know what the potential date might be looking for and if you fill the profile out properly, then you might add something on there that you might not otherwise mention. The better the profile, the more likely you will get a date and We Love Dates!

Don't Just Go On Looks - People don't always use pictures that are a couple of years old. You might chat to someone who you think is good looking but in reality, you find they have lost their hair, have three nipples and have lost their teeth. Also get to know the person for their personality and not their looks. They might look good but have a really ugly personality.

Don't Share Pictures Of Your Kids - Nobody wants to see photos of your kids on a dating profile. It's just not right. Also if you share pictures of your kids, it could attract the wrong type of person.

Don't Tell Them Too Many Personal Details - You need to keep your personal details to yourself. Do not share them with a date or potential date, don't give them your phone number until you are ready or tell them where you live because if it all goes wrong, they can make life difficult for you.

Asha from Yeah Lifestyle says ''I met my husband via an online site nearly 15 years ago and we are happily married for 13 years now, so it is possible but at the same time I would be very cautious about people you meet via online dating apps as you never know if they are honest about who they are or just putting their alter ego there. I would say thread carefully and take it one step at a time. Go out in a group or meet in public areas for the first few times'' and Micaela shares some dating apps on her blog called Stylish London Living

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