Staying Safe On A Date

Some people yearn to mee the love of their life online on a dating website, whilst others are looking for someone just to have a bit of fun with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bit of naughty fun with someone once in a while and it is perfect for people who have just come out of a relationship and don't want to make a commitment. Most of us have done it and we have a laugh along the way, It is no longer something to be ashamed of in the dating world and men and women both have their sexual needs!

Dating is so much harder as you get older like me, and most people have been in marriages or long term relationships so this really is a good option until you are ready to settle down again. Adding a little bit of naughty fun gives a breath of fresh air to your life and you feel sexy. Some people do not want the flowers, chocolates, champagne afternoons and they just want a physical encounter with someone. When you are looking to date naughty singles, you need to really think about your safety when you go on a date.

Video Call Before Meeting

If you video call the person you are meeting then you know exactly what the person looks like and you can be prepared if the person doesn't look like their profile. You will feel comfortable with the person that you are planning on meeting.

Don't Give Your Number Out Until You're Ready

As soon as your personal number is given out to the possible date, there is no going back. They have your number and if things don't work out, then they will still be able to contact you. Also when you have given your number out you need to be prepared for the requests of nudes.

Walk Away If You Feel Unsafe

If you don't like him, just walk away. If you feel pressured, then you can always walk away. You're not obligated to stay there. You can also Remember Angela. If you're sex dating (or on any date) and things are getting a bit awkward, then you can walk up to the bar and ask a member of staff if you can speak to Angela. Then they will help you to leave the building whilst your date is oblivious. Most pub and nightclub staff are trained up in this.

Meet In A Public Place

Never let a date pick you up from home, you need to keep some anonymity and if things don't work out between you, you could find yourself with an unwanted visitor. Meet in a public place, like a pub or a very busy place. Then there are loads of people around and you will have the option to walk away if you want without a fuss. If you go somewhere else with the date, take a picture of the car and number plate and send it to a friend. Also, let your friends know where you are going or tag into the place on social media.

Arrange A Friend To Check Up On You On The Date

I have done this many times over the years! As my kids got older, they would call me every half hour and then hour to make sure everything was okay. If I wanted to leave I would say ' My child is ill and I have to leave.' But I have also had to leave a date by a back door before too!

Play Safe

You need to play safe if you are meeting people for sex dating, don't rely on the other people to carry condoms for protection. Take them yourself and make sure they are in date!

Have Fun

Sex dating is fun as long as you are careful and you can make some new friends this way. its a great way to explore your fun side and it will give your confidence a boost! If you are not looking for anything serious and you are looking for someone with the same intentions then this is for you.

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