Should I Encourage My Child to Join After School Clubs?

Why Should My Child Do After School Clubs?

Tilly does a few after school clubs because they really help with her confidence and also with socialising with other people. I usually try and get her to do different after school clubs every term because not only does it give her an idea of different skills to learn all of the time but also gives her time to be with her friends out of the school sessions. I find that Tilly comes on in leaps and bounds when she has been attending after school clubs.

After school clubs focus on developing skills, furthering knowledge and having fun outside of school hours. After-school clubs often include activities such as sports, drama, dance, as well as extra educational support. By attending after school clubs, your child will have an opportunity to develop a number of skills, meet new children and have fun! The Benefits Of After School Clubs

To you decide if after school clubs are right for your child, Mount House School explain some of the key benefits they can offer…
  • After school clubs provide an opportunity for your child to meet other children from different classes, who share similar interests. This can help to develop your child’s social skills as well as enhance their communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills. This invaluable skillset will contribute greatly to their future careers.
  • Creative after school activities, such as art and drama will help your child to learn how to express themselves more effectively and give their self-confidence a boost.
  • After school clubs are great for developing both personal and academic skills. For example, participating in sporting challenges will teach your child to train hard, in order to achieve their goals. This will give your child a new perspective when it comes to school work and exams. They will understand that in order to reach their desired grades, they will need to put in the effort and work hard.
  • Finally, by participating in after school activities your child will soon be able to build up an impressive CV. By listing various interest and achievements on their CV, your child is more likely to stand out from the competition and have interesting topics to discuss in interviews. Recently someone posted on social media, a newspaper that I was involved with within the school and even 30 years later it was still being talked about, so these little after school clubs really do matter. 
  • After school clubs help children to get ahead academically too. Most schools offer second languages as after school clubs. So if you are looking to introduce a second language to your child, an after school club is perfect. It helps them get ahead in languages because it could play an important part of their life as they get older. 

Do your kids do after school clubs? If so, which ones?