Positive Ways To Help Your Mental Health This Winter

With the winter months coming, many people find that it affects their mental health because everything seems so dark and grim. Being depressed in the winter is a real thing, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that hits people when the weather outside is dark and they struggle to get light into the home. We all know in the summer, we feel better about ourselves because we can get out and about and it is light until late at night. But in the winter, it is another story. It's dark and wet outside so you don't want to go out and then it's equally as dark inside your home too. I hate it being so dark in the winter and the feeling of depression dragging you down is hard, but there are a few ways that you can actually improve your mental health with a few little tips. 

White walls

White will always give the impression of rooms looking bigger as well as brighter, this could be because the light that does shine in your windows reflects from the walls and helps to light the room up. We actually have our walls white all year round and it really does work.


Keep your windowsills clear of clutter, you really need optimum light to come in from the window, I get rid of anything that can be blocking light out for you. Also, take your net curtains down because they block out a bit of light. Getting new windows may be something to look at too. Your windows deteriorate over the years and often 'blow' so that condensation is found between two panes of glass in a sealed window. This is going to stop light from coming into your rooms and also make the room feel colder. Somewhere like Three Counties Windows offers conservatories to sit outside in, in the winter as well as the summer to get your natural light.

Light Bulbs

A daylight bulb will bring more light into your house at night, normal light bulbs have a yellow tint to them, but a daylight bulb is white and gives so much brightness to the rooms in your home. The best thing about it is that you can buy them as cheap as a few quid too.


This is a little trick that I picked up over the years, it works the same as the white walls because the mirrors reflect the light all around the house and it brightens it up. It also makes the room feel bigger, which benefits your mental health because you don't feel so closed in.

Cut Back Trees And Bushes

This is something we forget about, nature is really beautiful in the garden but if you have a tree growing in front of your windows or a bush that is growing out of control, then it is going to take a lot of natural light from you. Tree's can easily be trimmed back a bit but still be able to thrive and a bush can be encouraged to grow in a different direction if you help it.

Sad Lamp

A SAD lamp is another way to get light into your house but it can be quite expensive to pay out for in the first place because you would need one for all of your rooms that you use. A sad light stimulates your mind into thinking it is daylight and it improves your mental health is you use them for an hour or so in the morning and maybe also through the day if your mood drops.

Hopefully, the tips help you through the next few months and help your mental health to improve. Because getting out and about is really important for your well being. 

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