How To Travel With Mental Health

Travelling can be traumatic for the best of us but when you go travelling with mental health, it can be even more difficult. I LOVE to travel and would do it every day of the year if I could! I just can't afford it. But I do struggle with travel because I worry about absolutely everything! Last year when we went to Turkey, My friend Lin and her son went off on the special assistance buggy, whilst I was left to fend for myself. This threw me into a sheer absolute panic. I don't mind admitting that I cried! Eventually, the special assistance people came back to get me.

For someone who travels all of the time, I felt an absolute failure and I felt stupid that I had a meltdown in the airport. The thing is that I can travel with Tilly and be fine because she loves to travel and her excitement rubs off on me. But I am full of fear of travel with her because I think something is going to go wrong. I have a fear of flying and it makes me more anxious. Sometimes it isn't just the flying that freaks me out, I panic when we travel by train too, especially if I am going to a new destination. Recently we travelled to Bracknell, a place I have been to many times before but had never travelled there by train. Getting help with a friend to drive you is obviously the easiest way to travel to the airport.

Get Help At The Airport

When you travel to the airport, you can book special assistance. You need to book this through your airline and you need to book it two weeks before you travel. You can get special assistance through this for mental health problems and you won't be judged for it. Airports offer sunflower lanyards so people will see you have an invisible illness. If you use the special assistance, you can ask for one of these lanyards.

Make Sure You Know Where You Are Going

Look at where you are going on your trip, find the route you are taking and make notes about it. Sometimes I leave things until the last minute and I will be travelling somewhere by train and I suddenly look at where I am going and realise I am on the wrong train, or that I won't get there in time. I end up having a panic attack and anxiety makes me feel so sick. This is probably why I am late a lot to meetings. Write down directions or screenshot them on your phone so the notes are available for you to look at.


Whether you are driving or travelling by car, using the GPS on your phone will help you to get from A to B. I use it on the train or the bus when I don't know what stop to get off at. The GPS on my phone shows train stations and street names so it makes it easy for me to see where I am going. It also tells you how long until you get to your stop.

Phone A Friend

Friends put your mind at rest when you travel, they calm you down and they settle your mind. They make you laugh, they listen to your tears and they will do the whole trip with you by phone if you have to. If you can't phone a friend, then get chatting to someone on the journey, you will soon forget your worries.

Use Essential Oils

Some essential oils will help to calm you down on a journey, they will help with your anxiety and depression. Lavender will calm you down, rub some on your temples and wrist. Pop into somewhere like Holland And Barratt for some essential oil advice.

Try not to let your anxiety build up before you travel somewhere, speak to your friends and family about what is going on and how you feel. People will always listen and help you.