How to Make Your Garden Child Friendly

If you have kids, it’s important to ensure that your garden is a safe place for them to play, but also somewhere that they can have fun. There are lots of things you can do to achieve this and it can be as simple as safely storing away any tools and chemicals so that they don’t get their little hands on them. Some small changes make a big difference, so here are some more tips:

1. Repair damaged fencing

It’s important that you have a secure border around your garden so that your children (and pets) can’t run off into the road or speak to any strangers. Check your fencing on a regular basis and replace any fence panels that have become damaged by harsher weather conditions. It’s also worth fencing off the pond or pool, if you’re lucky enough to have one. How about decorating it and brightening it up for the children to play in.

2. Install a sunken trampoline

Trampolines are great fun for children, but they can be quite dangerous if anyone were to fall off. Having Tilly falling off the trampoline is one of my fears and I panic, every time she is on it. A safer option is installing the trampoline into the ground, which also makes it less of an eyesore in your garden. What’s more, it means your neighbours won’t feel so overlooked

3. Replace your grass

To avoid having little muddy footprints traipsed through your house, you might want to consider replacing your lawn with artificial grass. Not only does it look fantastic, it doesn’t require any watering or maintenance. What’s more, if your little ones take a tumble, artificial grass will be more forgiving than stone or even wood.

4. Make it fun!

In order to make your garden, child friendly. You will need to make it fun for them to play in. Get some climbing apparatus for the younger ones or a swing. Something that will make them want to play outside.

For the older children, they will want somewhere that they can chill out. A place where they can close their eyes and forget about the stress of school and exams. Creating a quiet corner or space for them is an excellent idea. A hammock in a quiet space, is a place they can take their books or iPad to and revise for exams. or just listen to music whilst dosing in the summer sun.

5. Check for toxic plants

Babies and toddlers are known for putting any old thing in their mouth, which can be quite dangerous in the garden. Make sure to check for and remove any toxic plants but don’t discourage exploration as this is important for their learning and imagination. check out with plants are also toxic for your pets and remove any brambles or stinging nettles that could harm your child too.

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