How To Help Your Child With The New Term At School

Supporting Your Child At School 

Whether your child is starting school this year or if they are going to secondary school or even college or uni, they still need your love and support because it is going to be daunting for them. Whether they are 5 or 25, you need to encourage your kids to tell you if there is a problem with their feelings. They will always be your babies!

I have always tried to encourage Tilly to talk about her feelings. We always try to talk to her as an adult rather than a child because she is quite a grown-up little girl. But other children are different and you know your own child better than anyone. I have written before about Tilly's problems with her mental health and she struggles with anxiety all the time. When I drop her off at school, she asks me quite a few times, who is going to pick her up and what time we are coming. She is so worried about being left alone or forgotten. Her biggest worry is people walking out of her life.

This year as she enters year 5, I find she is worried about the work more than she did in year 4. She is worried about getting older and having more pressure put on her at school. So I wanted to share how we cope with her mental health problems, so you can help your child too

Before School Starts

Prepare them for school, they are about to make a new change and we all know how difficult it is to start something new and fearing that unknown thing. If you talk to the child, you can put their mind at rest and they will feel so much better when they go to school. Reassure them that it is all going to be okay.

Encourage Them

Encourage them to be more independent and encourage them to get prepared for school. This year I spent a few weeks before she went back to school, encouraging her to do more things for herself, like getting her uniform ready the night before and showing her how to sort her own school bag out.

The First Day

They are going to be nervous, worried, scared, upset and fearing the first day back at school. If your child is starting a new school, hold their hand on the way to school, talk about what they should expect on the day and tell them it is nothing to be worried about. Be encouraging to them before they go in and make sure you kiss them and tell them you love them. At the end of the day, ask them how the day went. If there were problems, pop to the school in the morning and have a chat with them.

The First Weekend

They are going to be knackered, don't make plans for them and just let them sleep in and cuddle up to you. If your child has just started school, then you will have had a traumatic week too, being separated from your child. So just spend some time together as a family.

A Few weeks After

As the weeks go on, your child will settle into school and will get into more of a routine. This will start making it easier, but if you are finding that your child is struggling with school then you can get support from the school. Tilly has done some play therapy through the school when she was struggling to cope with things. Your child will get more tired as the weeks go on and will be ready for half term. Make sure you reassure your child more as they will need it. They are also forming friendships and falling out with their friends too, so they will need some support here. It's all part of growing up.

Getting Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help, your child's mental health is important and you need to look after it. Chat to your friends, they might also be struggling with their kids and they can offer support to you when you need it. They will tell you that you're not a bad parent when you think you are one. DO NOT beat yourself up over this. You can also get online help and support for yourself

Good luck with your child's new school term.