Awesome Home Hair Remedies

How often have you gone to the cupboard to find out that the kids have used the last of your hair products and put the empty pot or can back in the cupboard? It really is a teenage thing! It is really frustrating when you are on your way out and now you cannot do your hair properly. So today on the blog we have some awesome tips for free home hair remedies from running out of mousse to taming frizzy hair. Hopefully, you can find some of these will help you in your hair emergency at home.

Dry Shampoo

If you have run out of dry shampoo, you can always use a tablespoon of cornflour instead, simply sprinkle it into your hair and massage it in and then brush it out. The cornflour will attract the excess oil that is in your hair as well as the dirt. For many years people have also used talcum powder, apply it the same way and brush it out.


If you have run out of mousse, you can make this simple alternative. Squirt some shaving foam into a bowl and add a drop of surgical spirit. This will help to keep your hairstyle in place and it will leave it feeling moisturised.

Frizz Free Hair. 

Hair products to help tame your frizzy hair are amongst the higher priced of hair products so you can do this for next to nothing! If your hair is a bit frizzy after it's been styled, take a toothbrush and spray lots of hair spray on it. Get right into the frizzy areas and brush it with the hair spray soaked toothbrush. This should help calm down the frizz.

Hair Gel

Did you know that if you have run out of hair gel or you just want to quickly try a new hairstyle, you can use petroleum jelly as an alternative? All you need to do is pop some on your hair and rub it into your hair and style. It will do for a day and when you wash it out that night, your hair will feel soft and silky too.

Grey Roots

Sometimes I don't want to recolour my hair again because it dries it out so much. but if you are going out on a last-minute night out or you haven't had time to do your roots before a special occasion, you can colour your roots with a coloured mascara or dark eyeshadow to match your hair shade. A coloured mascara also works with putting some coloured highlights in your hair for a festival or party.

Glossy Hair

To get glossy hair, especially if you are feeling down in the dumps and it is affecting your hair, you can use some apple cider vinegar. Mix 2 - 3 tablespoons of the vinegar into 2 cups of water and put it on your dry hair. Rinse it out after a few minutes. This is a great way to get rid of product build up in your hair like shampoo or hairspray.

Body And Shine

Sometimes our hair is as flat as how we might be feeling at the time and you just need/want a bit of body and shine to cheer it up. Have you heard of beer shampoo? It used to be a big thing, years ago but kinda went out of fashion. But you can make your own beer shampoo up by taking some leftover beer and boiling it in a pan until it reduces. Keep stirring it as it boils and then leave it to cool. Once it has cooled down, mix it with your normal shampoo and wash your hair and rinse as normal.

Have you got any ideas on home hair remedies?