What Flooring Is Good For My New Home?

When I moved into my first home, I was pushed into decorating it how others wanted it decorated. ''This is how we have done our walls, so it would work well for you too'' said the parents and in-laws. I didn't know any better and I just went ahead with what others 'recommended'. But it was never my own home. When I got my second home as a divorcee, it was different because it was my home and nobody else's (apart from the kids). So If anyone else is looking for their own home, I always recommend that they add their own touches and don't feel obliged to do it like others want your house to be. In my first home, I was told to carpet all over, but I yearned for wooden floors and unfortunately, I was pushed into carpeting it all over with ugly patterned carpets. so today we are talking about flooring for your new home.

So the big move went well, with the help of Removals Ashford and here we were with a new home to furnish. But you need to think about the flooring before you even start to get the furniture in.


These are excellent if your house gets cold in the winter, the warm carpet underneath your toes is comfortable and feels lovely. If you have children, carpets are safer if they happen to fall over. Don't go for patterns because they might look nice and on-trend at the moment but it means you cant have patterned walls or accessories. If you do go for a patterned carpet, then have simple elegant walls to enhance the look of the carpet.


This is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, but not really great for other rooms. It is cheap and cheerful and it is so easy to fit yourself so you can buy it from a roll and lay it yourself or with a friend, this saves a lot of money, especially if you are on a budget. You can also buy it is so many different designs from natural-looking wood (meaning you can have wood effect flooring on a budget) or as kitchen tiles.

Natural Wood Flooring

If you are really lucky and you buy an older house, you will find many surprises in store for you. In the good old olden days, the floors were all made from natural woods and over the years these were coloured with paint or covered in carpets because the fashions change over the years and people didn't want to have bare flooring anymore. If you buy an old house, rip up the carpets and see what is underneath. Another little tip is to check fireplaces because over the years, these have been covered up over the years and you never know what you can find behind wallpaper. if you discover some natural wooden flooring, then you can strip it right back, sand it down and either keep it natural or stain it.

Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring is a budget version of wood flooring, it looks okay-ish if it's done properly. but it does start to separate and split as the years go on, so it's not a perfect solution and can be very expensive to do. It is easy to remove and can be used again in another room. So you can often pick it up on a free site or second-hand site on Facebook.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is as close to natural wood flooring as you are going to get. It is designed to be a cross between good old fashioned natural wood flooring and also it slots together like laminate flooring. So it is extremely easy to lay. Engineered wood flooring is made of a top layer of solid wood that is what you will actually see on the floor but underneath it, there are layers of thinner would that are glued together to form a hardwood. The wood flooring is made at a 90-degree angle and that stops the flooring from moving, that is caused by humidity in the flooring. Engineered flooring is designed in so many different ways from aged to bleached and it should last you about 30 years. Engineered wood flooring can actually be cheaper than buying carpet too!