Money Saving Tips For Summer School Holidays

How are the summer holidays going? We have had an amazing summer. We managed to get to Camp Bestival, A weekend in Cardiff and a trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam for a week. But 9 months ago it was a very different story. We were struggling financially and I couldn't even afford to go bankrupt. We were up to our eyeballs in debt and I didn't know which way to turn. Then the bailiffs turned up on my doorstep!

With the help of borrowing some money from some really good friends, I got out of debt and I only have a couple more payments left and I am officially debt-free. It could easily have ended differently if I hadn't had a friend to rely on. There are many parents in my position who end up using food banks and struggling to make ends meet. The summer holidays are a hard time for parents and luckily there are lunch club's about for parents to help to feed their kids, and the food banks are at hand to help out but how about some free activities to do with the kids.


Why not spend some time with your kids baking, they can make their own cakes or buy some cheap cakes and get the kids to decorate them with some icing or melted chocolate. You can bake some cakes on a really tight budget if you have the flour, sugar and eggs at home and sometimes you can get a cake mix for as cheap as 40p in the supermarket. Why stop at cakes? Let the kids make their own recipe and watch as it cooks in the oven.


We are a fan of a picnic, we usually take a little picnic if we are going out for the day because it saves having to pay for food when we get somewhere. A picnic isn't just about sandwiches and crisps these days. Now it can be a pot of houmous and some chopped up raw veg or some wraps and a pot of salad and some ham. You can even make a picnic from food that you have baked in the previous suggestion. You don't have to have a picnic on a day out either, you can have a rainy day picnic in the front room of your house if it rains or you can pop over the road to a patch of grass and have a picnic with the kid's teddies. You can even have a healthy picnic if you are following a healthy lifestyle, check out these picnic suggestions from Just Average Jen

Garden Carnivals

Give the kids' some pennies to spend and they can have a load of fun at their own carnival. Make some bean bags with some dried peas and some old fabric and throw them into hoops in the garden. Use old jars and make a hoopla stand and get some old bracelets or something similar to throw over the jars or use small ping pong balls to throw into the open jars. 'Sell' Ice cream from a tub (will cost about £1 from a supermarket) and cut up some fresh fruit. You could think of so many stalls to have. Free activities like this mean you don't end up paying out for a day out somewhere. Decorate the garden with homemade bunting that the kids decorated.

Street Carnivals

Most towns and cities have street carnivals where you can line the street and watch a parade of carnival queens and local businesses dressing up. These are always free to watch and a great way to get together with friends and families. This year we have seen a few street parades and they are usually really well advertised in your local papers or online.

Home Cinema

Line the chairs up, make some popcorn and find a family movie that you all love. Watching movies from home has never been easier with Netflix, Prime Movies and DVDs. Close the curtains, sit back and relax curled up on the sofa or even wrapped up in a duvet. This is the best way to watch movies!
You can print tickets off for the kids and give them pennies to 'buy' snacks from the snack tray.

Set A Reading Challenge

Most local libraries run a reading challenge in the school holidays anyway but if you don't live near a library you can set your own one up. This encourages the kids to read in the holidays instead of wanting to be on their smart devices the whole time. You can buy a star chart from Poundland and add a star to it every time your child reads a page or chapter and then at the end find a prize for them. The prize could even be a home cinema treat or a garden carnival, that won't cost you anything.

The summer holidays don't last for long and you can make some amazing memories on a budget. For more tips on ways to spend your summer days on a budget, you can find out more here.