Fun Ideas For A Wedding To Remember

Weddings are always beautiful, aren't they? We wait so long to see the bride in her gown and then we are never disappointed as she glides down the aisle. But that is only the start of the day! We all know that weddings can be stressful to plan and we want the day to go so perfect. It's a time for everyone to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves. Hopefully, we can offer some fun ideas to help your wedding day go with some fun. 

Get a Photo Booth

Recently we went to a wedding and I had to keep asking where Tilly was - turned out she was constantly in or queuing for the photobooth! These are a fun way to get photo's of people at your wedding and the more alcohol you drink - the funnier the photos get. It is great for keeping the kids occupied too. Photobooth companies always supply the props for the photos too. My tip is that if you are going to hire a photo booth, then you should go for a selfie mirror one because you can see yourself as the pictures are being taken and you can correct mistakes as you go on. You also get a book of all of your guest's photos, as a memory of the day. All Occasions Photo Booth offer everything you need for the perfect wedding photo booth. 

Put A Couple Of Bottles Of Wine On The Table

Everybody relaxes a little bit more if they have had a drink and a complimentary bottle of wine on the guest's table is often very welcoming. Make sure you are allowed to take your own alcohol into the place that you are holding the reception because it is often cheaper to buy wine in bulk. If not you will need to buy a few bottles from the on-site bar and place them on the tables. I find that after a few glasses of wine, I am more likely to get up and dance.

Have A Fun Photographer

A photographers day is almost as long as the bride and grooms day, so you need to find one that is as happy by the end of the day as when they started. You also want one that will do fun photos as well as the serious ones and a photographer to catch EVERY moment of the day. Get recommendations of photographers from friends and families and go along to see them working at a wedding or two before you actually book them for your wedding. You want your photos to reflect who you and your bride are. 

Have Kids Activities

Kids get bored, its a fact of life but you still want to include them in your big day. So the best thing to do is to keep them occupied with little goodie bags on the way in, filled with a toy from somewhere like Poundland or some colouring pens and a book. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's not filled with noisy toys that will spoil the speeches. Sometimes parents do think ahead and take gadgets for their kids to play on to keep them occupied. So if you have a private group on social media, you could mention its okay to bring kindles and phones for kids to play on. 

Hire a Sweet Cart.

Okay, this is probably good for the big kids as well as the little ones. We all love retro sweets, don't we? If your budget won't stretch to hiring a cart, you can always pop to wholesalers and buy some penny retro sweets and some paper bags and just lay it all out on a table for people to help themselves. This is always a winner at a wedding or in fact any party!