5 tips to prepare your bathroom for your wedding day

Planning for the big day usually begins not months but years in advance, which is why you’ll want to ensure no single detail is left to chance.

Picture the scene: You wake up, a bag of nerves and excitement, barely managing to eat a scrap of breakfast. The photographer turns up to take those “getting ready” photos of you and your entourage, when—all of a sudden—you realise the bathroom looks a complete and utter mess! Certainly not the type of backdrop you want for those precious memories!

The “bathroom selfie” has become a bit of a phenomenon in recent times, all thanks to the popularity of social media. Brides and grooms are much more likely to take quick pics of themselves getting ready and share to platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Indeed, it’s now common practice for the whole day to be documented through social media.

As with everything in life, the devil is in the detail, and it’s certainly the case when it comes to your wedding photos.

Whilst it’s highly likely, you’ll be preparing for your big day in a place other than your own home (e.g. your parents’ home or a friend’s flat), you’ll need to make sure your wedding day bathroom suite is looking just as perfect as you do.

A quick refresh?

First things first, take a good look around the bathroom you’ll be using on the morning of your big day. What are your first impressions?

If it’s anything other than positive, you may need to weigh up your options. Are there simply some cosmetic issues which could be addressed? Or are the issues more deep-seated?

You’d be amazed at the transformation a quick lick of paint and some new accessories can bring. Sparkly new taps can be purchased and fitted for very little outlay, bringing a whole new designer look to a bathroom. Why not set a little budget aside for this?

Adjust your lighting

One of the reasons your photos don’t turn out the way you intended is due to poor lighting. However, there are plenty of photography tips and tricks you can use when taking pictures indoors.

First off, make sure bright sunlight doesn’t make you look like a ghost! Use blinds or curtains to soften the light. You may also need to use artificial light to your advantage. Introduce some additional lighting sources in the form of an LED bathroom mirror, to bring some glitz and glam to proceedings!

Deep cleansing

With just 7 days to go, it might be worth getting down and dirty with your wedding day bathroom, to ensure it looks the part.

First off, start by getting rid of anything that is old, out of date or simply doesn’t need to be there. Old toiletry containers, expired medication, that talc gift set your Aunty Beryl bought you for Christmas in 2015—get rid!

Next, give all surfaces a scrub and bring back that sparkle to chrome taps and showers by using a mixture of vinegar and water. Clean all mirrors using a squeegee.

For more stubborn stains and mouldy grout lines around tiles, mix a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part bleach and scrub with a toothbrush.

Once completed, ensure everything is back in position. You don’t want to be hunting high and low for misplaced items on your wedding day morning!

Add some personal touches

Many modern weddings are themed to a certain extent, so why not extend this to your bathroom design? Some coloured bunting or accessories can do wonders.

Why not add some treasured possessions which really mean something to you? Like souvenirs from your travels with your partner or some pictures of absent friends and family?

Finally, ensure your toilet seat is down, your towels are folded and all untidy items are hidden from view.

Now your bathroom is photo ready, why not check out these handy tips for the morning of your big day to make sure everything runs to plan.

All that’s left to do is smile, say cheese and enjoy the rest of your wedding day!