What To Think About When You Get A New Phone

When you are due for a phone upgrade, there is so much to consider like which network provider you want to go with to which brand of phone and even down to the colour that you want. This is a big choice to make because you will have this phone for the next two years until your contract needs renewing. Finding the right phone for you is important and a phone that is right for your friend or partner might not be the best phone for you. We have put a list together of things to consider when you upgrade your phone.

The Camera

The camera is one of the major deciding factors on what phone I get. I want one that not only gives me awesome photos but can let me edit them as I am taking them or can easily let me edit them afterwards. The front camera is as important as the back camera if you take a lot of selfies and if you take a lot of action shots on your camera, then you need to have the ability to take fast-moving pictures. I have a Huawei P20 Pro and the deciding factor in me getting that phone was that it was the best camera on the market at the time. You need to also think that you are going to have this camera for the next two years until your contract runs out, so you need to make it a good choice.

The Storage

Our phones are our life! We store everything on them from note for work to personal photos of our families and with everything being an app these days, you need to download it onto your phone. You need a phone with huge storage to keep enabling your phone to work. Gone are the days of 8GB storage, where you had to keep deleting things to update the phone or the apps and hello to 256GB.

The Phone Package

You need to make sure that you are getting the best mobile phone deals, so it is always best to shop around between different network providers and phone companies. Sometimes a phone contract is a better price for a phone on one network than it is on another. Sometimes phone providers have quick offers to get you to go with them, it might sway you to go with them, rather than another provider. Go to comparison websites and put in everything you want from your phone. Consider everything from cost, colour, and brand and filter out the ones that you really don't think would suit your purpose.

iPhone Or Android

Personally, I was on the iPhone for a few years and switched back to Android because I use google a lot and it seemed a natural switchback. Although there are few differences between IOS and Android, when it comes to downloading apps, there are certain things that you cannot do on different platforms. iPhones and Android phones compete against each other too and for a long time, the iPhone was the better phone to get. Now android is catching up and some of them are even better than iPhone. One downside from iPhones is the battery life is a bit pants and you seem to charge it up more than you do an android phone.

Phone Signal

Ask around your local friends and family as to which is the best phone signal in your area, once you commit to a network, you cannot change it so you need to make sure you get it right.


Think about how much data you will need, for some people 4gb or 6gb is enough but for others, it is going to be as high as 30gb of data. I suppose it depends on how much you use your phone and whether it is for work or personal usage.


If you are paying £30. £40 or £50 a month for your phone contract, then you want to make sure you have it insured because you are in that contract for 2 years now and if you lose or damage the phone, you still have to pay for it. Shop around for your insurance to get a good deal and make sure the entire cost of the phone is covered and there is no excess or low excess. There are many different insurance companies to go through and getting independent insurance is often cheaper than going through your phone company.