Ways To Improve Your Homes Ventilation

As we spend a lot of our lives indoors, whether at home or work it means that we need to take care that the environment that we live in is not detrimental to our wellbeing. With our lifestyles these days, there is a risk of exposure from different aspects of our life. Things like humidity, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, volatile organic chemicals as well as pollutants from outside that pass into the space we are occupying, these can be detrimental to our health and well being. So we need to have good ventilation in place to ensure we are at optimum health and productivity.
Dry Your Laundry Outside

When you dry your laundry in your home or personal space, it increases condensation and dampness by 30%. This isn't good for you because the damp can be damaging to your health, especially if there isn't enough ventilation. Even drying laundry in a tumble drier with a condenser hose isn't a good idea, you need a tumble drier with a condenser that is built-in. Using a washing line in the garden will help you to dry laundry in a fresher way and prevent the damp in the house.


This is probably the most popular ways to ventilate the air in your home, simply open the doors and let the fresh air circulate. This cools the house down as well as making sure that the air is freshened up. Keeping a door open will help any stale smells or fumes escape the enclosed space of your house too. If you dont feel comfortable having your doors open in the house, you can pop some net curtains up or voile to keep it more private for you and you can also get a magnetic door net to keep bugs out and add some privacy.

Using Fans

A ceiling fan will help to circulate the air around the whole of the room from the top to the bottom, but it won't circulate fresh air, so you might find that it is circulating warm air and isn't helping a great deal with ventilation.


Windows are your best friends when it comes to ventilation, you have these in all of your rooms of the house, except maybe the bathroom, where you will have an extractor fan. Then, of course, you have the worry of keeping your windows open around your family, so that's why these tilt and turn windows Lancashire are perfect for safety and ventilation. You can close it when you go out for safety and security but open them on tilt, for ventilation and fresh air. If you live in a flat on a higher level, these kinds of windows are safer for young families too, you can feel safer using them on a tilt, knowing a child cannot go through the gap and they look great.

Extractor Fans

These are really important in the bathroom for ventilation to stop the room getting damp and also to get rid of bathroom smells! They are usually put in when the bathroom doesn't have a window and they compensate a little to help the room seem fresher and less damp.

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