The Importance Of Sun Cream This Summer And Every Summer

When we go to buy sun cream, we are welcomed with shelves full of different brands and coverages, it can all be a bit daunting. So I thought I would write this simple guide to help you choose the correct sun protection that is going to keep you safe in the sun.

What are UVA and UVB? Aren't they both the same thing? 

Well, no they are not, although both come from the sun, UVA rays or ultraviolet rays are the ones that cause your skin to age quickly and wrinkle. so it is super important to use this on your face. you can buy a face cream with an SPF, this ensures your skin has some protection all year round. The suns UVA rays are there all year round, even though we don't think it is hot enough to burn. UVB rays or ultraviolet rays are the ones that are more dangerous for your skin as these are cancer causing rays and also the rays that will burn your skin. You are so much more likely to suffer the effects of UVB if you spend a lot of time in the sun without the appropriate sun protection.

I have an SPF in my moisturiser, so I don't need another sun protection product on my face.

That is not true at all, the SPF in the face moisturiser will be a low one and it will not offer you all day protection. These moisturisers are perfect for all year round but in the summer to get the full protection, you will need to use another protection. So many products offer a face SPF protection for you to use, that it more sensitive for the face.

Does it matter about the amount of SPF I am using, especially if I keep applying it?

Yes it does because the lower the SPF, the lower protection that you will have on your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. An SPF of something as 15 will only give you a protection of just over 90%, meaning a lot of the rays are still coming through and you can still get burned. However, a low protection sun cream is still better than having no protection at all. If you use sun protection of SPF30 then you will have a 97% coverage from the UVB rays. I use an SPF 30 on myself in the summer as it is sufficient enough for the English weather. If you are going abroad you need to go for a really high SPF, like 50 for full coverage.

I have had my sun protection for a few years, Is it okay to use? it smells okay and looks okay?

Erm .. that is a big no! if it has been opened for more than a year, you will need a new one. Normally on the back of the bottle, there is a logo that looks like an open pot and it will have a number next to it, Sun protection is normally 12 months. Sun cream deteriorates over time and therefore you will find that it won't offer you the UVA or UVB protection that you need. This will cause damage to your skin, without you realising. When you are on holiday or just sunbathing at home, make sure you keep your protection out of the heat of the sun, this will shorten the life of the cream and be less effective on your skin.

How much sun protection will I need to use on my skin? Is a pea-sized amount enough?

Basically, you need to make sure that your skin is smothered in protection, you can never go too wrong if you use too much protection. If your skin is wet after you have applied it then you know you have covered the area correctly. Personally, I apply it to my little girl until her body is white and then i rub it in, then I know she is completely covered over every square inch of her body.

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