Mother Of The Bride Dress Rules That Are Outphased

Rules were meant to be broken, right? There are many rules at weddings that people used to follow in the past, and the good thing is that today, most of them are outdated. We live in a modern era where a lot has changed. Today, the mother of the bride dresses come in different colours, shapes, and designs. It is good to think out of the box, and the best thing is that most mothers today are receptive to the new mother of the bride dress designs.

Below are some of the mother of the bride rules that are out phased today,

1. The mother of the bride must wear a dress

Typically, people expect to see your mom in a beautifully stitched dress in your wedding, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Today, with the many options available, your mum can decide to dress differently. She can decide to wear a jumpsuit, a two-piece suit, or even a skirt and a pretty top. All that matters is if she feels comfortable in her dress.

2. She can’t wear a white dress

No white or ivory hues for the mom’s dress during the wedding is one of the most cliché traditional rules. I mean, if your mother wants to rock that pretty glamorous white dress during the wedding, then why not. Yes, the bride needs to stand out, and it is still possible for her to do so. The bride always remains the centrepiece of the wedding even when her mother decides to wear a white dress too. So if your mother wants to wear her white lace dress from JJ’s House, then so be it!

3. Black dresses don’t count as wedding dresses

Who said so? If anything, black dresses add some sort of sophistication to the whole wedding. Black dresses are, in fact, not boring. Your mother can wear a black dress that has details that are eye-catchy and indeed appealing. When you google ' mother of the bride dresses' on the internet, most websites have a section where you can choose the colour you want to go for. And when you click on black, you will be surprised at the many results of flattering black dresses that are to die for.

4. Her dress colour must match the bridal party’s

No! Your mother's dress doesn’t necessarily have to match the bridals party’s. If you want your mother to stand out in her dress, then you can choose her a dress that has a colour which blends in with the theme of the wedding. She has the option of either wearing a different shade or even choosing a completely different colour.

5. She has to wear a ‘mother’ dress

If your mother is outgoing, please do not confine her in a box. Do not force her to wear the boring mother of the bride dresses that other mothers wear in their daughter’s wedding. If she chooses to wear a dress with cutouts, so be it. If she decides to wear a short dress, so be it. Remember, your wedding is not only a big day for you, but it is also a memorable day for her too. She needs to feel beautiful in whatever she chooses to wear.