Making Summer Changes Around The House

The summer seems to be here now, but I have no idea how long it will last! In the summer we want to open up our house to declutter and let the fresh air in. I don't know about you but I like to really change the way of my front room and make it fresher, newer looking and airy. There are lots of simple ways of doing this and when you read this blog post you will wonder why you had never done these things before.

Get organised by getting a plastic box and filling it with a tape measure to measure space for rearranging the furniture. A ruler for drawing straight lines if you have some DIY to do. A couple of pencils, some sheets of paper, a sharpie and a dusting rag. Keep this handy so you can grab things as you need them.

Get rid of old and damaged furniture by reusing them for another purpose. Old wooden chairs can have the backs cut off them and be repainted and used as a pair of bedside tables in your bedroom. You can colour them, whatever colour you like and recover them with a bright fabric if you want. An old Side cupboard can be painted and placed in the bathroom as a storage cupboard for towels and toiletries. An old coffee table can be painted with chalkboard paint and put in the nursery for the kids to have a low-level chalkboard table that they can sit down and play with.

Refresh your furniture and try and buy furniture that is practical but is disguised as normal lounge furniture. Like many people that work from home, I have a desk in the lounge and I found the perfect desk from Lions Home. The Dylan desk is a minimalist ladder style desk that has shelves surrounding it, so you can utilise it as a shelving unit too. It doesn't look like a desk and still looks homely and welcoming.

Look for inspiration by using home decor magazines and see if the designs will work with your own home. Will it make your house look brighter and darker? Will it make your house look bigger? Or is there a way that you can personalise the magazine designs in your house?

Create a focal point in the room, this can be done by either buying a new piece of furniture that makes you think ''wow'' or by decorating one focal wall with wallpaper. If your fireplace looks dull and uninteresting, you just need to add a bit of paint to it to brighten it up or maybe it needs some new tiles. Try to get rid of clutter and toys by using a chest to hide it all in, if you use a wooden chest then it can also double as a coffee table. If you have a special family picture or favourite silk scarf that holds memories, then put it in a frame and place it on the focal wall.

Painting or wallpapering the walls can make a huge difference in how the room looks, you can buy a light paint that will make a room look bigger and brighter and just use wallpaper in one focal wall. Decorating the walls makes a room look completely different and if you use your imagination you can design the walls to be original to yourself and nobody will have decor like it. Add some glitter to the paint or water it down and whitewash the walls instead of the proper paint.

Take down heavy curtains that you need in the winter and change them for light cotton ones. Even curtains with a blackout in them are not heavy ones and they will still keep the room dark at night. Get rid of the thick duvets and swap to a lower tog one or just use some blankets. We wouldn't wear winter clothes in the summer, so why do we have winter fabrics in our house?

There are so many different things we can do to make our house welcoming for the summer and hopefully, these few tips will help you to get some inspiration. Perhaps you have some tips of your own that you could add in the comments below for us to share.

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